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Nov 11, 2008
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Allen TX
I entered 4 BIAB beers in the Bluebonnet Brew-Off competition.

American Amber Ale - Went to 2nd round and won 1st place!

Light Hybrid - Blond Ale. Went to 2nd round. Scored 39.3 average

American IPA - scored 29 average -
American APA - Scored 35 average
Notes - Astringency was commented on a couple times.

I entered this against all logic in both categories and it just did not represent well against all the big IPA or APA entries. None of the notes were really negative other than saying more hops and malt!

Belgian & French Ale - Belgian Pale Ale - averaged 28.
At our homebrew social, this beer was well received but no one could really place the category. It is the recipe out of Brewing classic style Belgian Pale

Notes: Bitterness too prominent, some esters.

None BIAB related but I placed 2nd with my Pyment made with Texas wild grape wine and Joe's Ancient orange mead.

It was great fun and my club took Bluebonnet brew-off club of the year again.

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