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Nov 8, 2011
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This is my recipe for today that half will end up in a secondary of a 5 gallon toasted oak barrel from Old Sugar in WI that's been holding a bottle of Makers Mark for about 2 months. It's a 10 gallon batch so the other half will remain a regular oatmeal stout that will get a spot on the tap line up.

22 lb Maris Otter
2 lb caramel malt 120L
1 lb de-bittered black malt
2 lb chocolate malt
2 lb flaked oats
1oz millenium 60 min
1oz perle 30 min
1oz chinook 15 min

Mash at 154 for 60 min and do a 60 min boil whirlpool and then run through plate chiller.

I'm racking a pale ale to secondary today for a dry hop and I'll use the yeast slurry from the bottom of those as the yeast. It's California ale WL001.

I'll probably primary for at least 2 weeks before it goes into the barrel. I'll pour the bourbon back into the bottle and just fill it up with the stout put an airlock on it and taste it throughout to be sure the taste is where I want it before bottling. I'm also going to shove a few gutted vanilla beans in with it as well. I have high hopes for this beer and hope it turns out!

Thanks for reading and I'd love feedback if anyone has done something like this as far as the barrel stuff goes.....