Boil hops 90 min??

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Apr 4, 2007
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I am in the middle of a brew. So far I've added the bittering hops only (1oz cascade). I would like it to reduce further before adding the rest of the hops. I have to much volume in the boil pot and I'm afraid I may miss my OG if I don't reduce it further. Would it be bad to boil the bittering hops for a total of 90 min? Thanks for the response.
Not a problem. You will increase the bitterness utilization by a very slight amount. If you are worries about it, use some brewing software and make the next addition a little later in the boil. But, I have a feeling you won't need to do this.
Thanks...I'm letting it go 1 hr with bittering hops only. Then I will go with the rest of the additions as scheduled. I've got three pots on the stove right now trying to reduce as fast as possible. The house is like a damn jungle......I'm sure the house plants are happy. :D

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