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Apr 16, 2007
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North Carolina
Hi all,

I just wanted to share that I just picked up a 12 bottle case of 32oz. Carta Blanca for $25 from my neighborhood general store. I mentioned to the owner a few weeks back that I was looking for some larger bottles and asked if he could find them. He made one phone call to his distributor and voila, they were here with his next delivery. It does not hurt to ask about these things, particularly if you don't have kegs or a kegerator.

Anyway, happy brewing!

That's pretty good idea.

I have recommended to people who want to bottle in champagne bottles to call a Wedding Hall and ask for the empties.

These are good for Belgians, ciders and anything high carbed. Not to mention you can use those reusable plastic corks and cages. No corking press is required either.

If you are giving away beer as a gift they will look nicer in a champagne bottle.
Noticed the grocery store dumping sparkling ciders in pry off, large champagne type bottles for $2 each lately. I've been picking them up when I see them, worked pretty good for bottling last brew I did.