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Nov 14, 2007
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Ok, so my first attempt is in the fermenting bucket, and I plan on using my better bottle for a secondary...Im very new at this, so dont shoot me if this question has been asked. Are the regular "water cooler bottles" the same as using a better bottle? I was at Home Depot last night and they sell them there for 10 bucks with water in them. I paid 20 for my better bottle. While at the Depot I asked the girl if I could buy and empty bottle, because the deposit is 5 bucks for those bottles. The girl made a call, and got off the phone and said if you want one you can just have one for free... :) I should have tried for more, but I took one and was happy about it...So if they are the same thing as a better bottle I have two secondarys and I am happy about that...Mainly the price. So please let me know, I have been learing as I go, and found this site to be a great help. Thanks guys for all the articles I have already read....