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Mar 16, 2013
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Good day,

I've scoured forums and watched the videos.

I think I have setting up equipment profiles figured out, but would like clarification on equipment profile setups for the following scenarios: an extract partial boil and if you were to follow extract kit instructions word for word on water additions.

To set up a custom equipment profile for an extract kit that calls for 2.5 gallons of water for the grain steeping/extract boil (or whatever the kit in question would call for), I would uncheck "calculate boil", then add in my 2.5 gallons of water (per example kit instructions), PLUS the volume that the DME and LME would add, then subtract the 5 gallon batch minus boil volume to get an approximation of the "Top Up Water"

Using the below method, to calculate LME/DME extract volume additions, I used the values in this link.

This gets the recipe in the proper style ranges. If I do straight water and no extract calculation in the boil volume level, then it's below IBU range for the style.--Of course this does not take into account, boil off...not sure it would make much of difference in these cases though.

Is this exact science? Nope, but I'd imagine if you want to follow the kit instructions, it would get me pretty close for a good idea of where the recipe falls in the style range?

Regarding partial boil extract recipes of my own design, if I want to dial in my equipment profile, I would keep "calculate boil volume automatically" checked, adjust the top up water so the boil volume is compatible with my equipment (fits in my brew kettle), then after a few brew days and measurements of boil off, etc, I can more closely dial in my profile numbers.

Of course, when it automatically calculates boil volume, how do I know how much of that is water vs extract? How do you know how much water to dump into your boil pot? Would it be correct for me to run the calculations in the link above, to estimate how much of the boil is water vs extract, to see my water addition? Or does the Boil volume not include extract?

Thanks everyone,

gunrock :mug:

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