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Jun 29, 2023
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Hoping someone can help me with the G40 equipment profile used. I am using the Grainfather app and Brew Father for comparison. When I put in a few recipes the numbers are a bit off due to profile differences. I assumed using the GF app that the defaults would be correct. I know they are not because my boil off rate is much higher than the sub 1gal default. For now I ended up doing what I thought was right, but since I'm just getting started I am probably off. I matched the profiles in both apps and got things to match. The GF app isn't calculating the attenuation the same so the FG on the two are off.
For reference, below is what I am using in the GF app base on what I think I am doing...:oops:
Batch size: 5.5 gal
Mash tun cap: 10.57(default used)
Mash eff: 69% (based off last brew)
Mash tun deadspace: 1.25 gal - just a guess, default was ~1.8
Mash thickness: 0.375 gal/lb (converted from1.5qt/lb)
Mash tun loss: 0 (default)
Grain absortion: 0.125 gal/lb (used from an article so no clue)

Boil volume: 12.15 gal (default)
Wort shrinkage: 4%
Boil loss: 1.25 g/hr (base on test and two brews. Might be closer to 1 gal)
Trub/Chiller loss: 0.5 gal (guestimate, but don't see much loss in the G40)

Differences using Brew Father:
used brewhouse eff of 69% which calcs the mash eff at 75.3%. Only way I could get the numbers to match

Another item is the post-boil kettle volume and bottling volume. The apps show 6 gal post boil and I thought 5.5 was used for 5 gal batches. Where is this extra .5 gal now coming from? The bottling volume is showing 5.18g? Again, thought this was supposed to be 5 gal for 5.5 going to fermenter??

Only done two brews with this so still getting used to it. Appreciate any insight!


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