BeerSmith 2.3 on Win 10 question

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Jul 28, 2009
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Hi all !
I am going to be up grading to a new (to me) laptop with Win 10 Pro.(build # is unknown at this time) It's a 64 bit machine with 8g of ram.
My questions are,
1) will my BS2 (ver. 2.3) work on such a computer?
2) any suggestions and/or tricks on the installing BS if it will. I have made a copy of my user files already.
3) should I just bite the bullet and go with BS3 if would really be better for this machine?
I'm a nube on any thing past Win XP so Win 10 is quite a jump for me. If any more info will help just ask but I don't yet have the computer in my sweaty palms yet so I can't answer any thing much more specific but I can find the quoted specs.
I also asked this Q. on the BS/BS2 forum but I thought I would ask here also. Never hurts to have a larger audience, RIGHT?
Thanks in advance and cheers, :mug: ,
Joel B.
1: I just launched my old BS2.3 and it still works under W10 Pro 64, side by side with BS3.
2: Well, I imagine run the installer "As Administrator" is always a good idea, but otherwise I don't think there'll be any magic required.
3: There were some substantive changes from BS2.3 to BS3. You can find the list on Brad's site and decide. For me, a one-time buyer of the 2-to-3 upgrade, it was worth the modest cost...

Tkx for the reply. I'm a little nerverd up about the new machine. I knew that some day it would have to happen as XP's grave is getting deeper by the day. I hope my fears are unfounded. Change comes hard sometimes, Time will tell I guess.
I'm trying to learn/read as much as I can about compatibility mode and running things as admin, it's not something I had to do in my XP machines.
I would have got BS3 in the beginning but it wouldn't run on XP so I just went with what would. I'll report how it goes when the time comes,, hopefully the new unit arrives this week.
Thanks again and cheers, :mug:
Joel B.
I've only ever run BeerSmith on Windows 10. Started with 2.3.something which installed with no issues at all and still runs fine on the latest Win 10 build. Upgraded to 3 when it came out and that has no problems either.

It looks like older software, but it is perfectly fine on Win 10. No need for any admin modes, compatibility modes etc.