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Jul 9, 2007
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Cape Coral Florida
I'm sure many of you saw this in the last BYO

Here's mine and only 6 words( and all three versions of to/too/two)

Two days
too much
to drink

If any of my posts over the last 2 days were incomprehensible(sp) you know why:drunk:
Oh beer my brother
I can not stop drinking you
Hurt my head, you do

I am a noobie
I think my yeast maybe dead
What's this on my wort

I hate bottling
what is the answer to this
cornelius keg
Not Haiku? Mine follow the traditional 5-7-5 pattern. That is five syllables in the first and last line and seven in the middle. You can read more beer Haiku at the followin link...also in 5-7-5

Brew Runner...I'm sorry...late night for me

Brew Runner is right
Those are not Haikus at all
but i think this is
That hefeweizen
Tastes like bananas and cloves.
Time to mow the lawn

The new batch is brewed.
The starter has paid off well.
The airlock bubbles.

Why can I not find
Hallertau and Wilamettes?
There's a hops shortage.
Keg of beer sits

Flowing golden goodness

I made this

I made a cider haiku, hope it's okay to post this:

cold cherry cider
served to sorostitues
panties will drop now
I wrote a haiku for an incident report once. The supervisor was pissed, but it was bs.

It went something like
Car was on fire
Everybody was safe
I was in the back

I'll have to think of a beer related haiku now.