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Jan 20, 2018
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Hello all,

BLUF: Am looking for a traditional and basic mead recipe.

We’ve been keeping bees for a few years now and we’re expecting this coming season to be a productive one. I’m trying to figure out what to do with the excess honey we don’t jar and sell, and figured I might give mead a try. I’ve been brewing hard cider and beer for about a decade or so, so have some experience and probably all the equipment necessary for brewing mead.

Any easy and traditional recipes would be appreciated. Alternatively, any book recommendations for mead are welcomed.



From my perspective, the following homepage is the best way to start. You basically don't need further information.
It's all there and the guy behind it is loveofrose from the forum here, the inventor of bray's one month mead.

Not to sound funny but the most basic you can do is 2-3 pounds of honey per gallon of finished product and thats it lol. Use some local honey that's dark for a caramelized taste. Of course you'll need yeast and just like that you'll have a very basic decent mead