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Nov 5, 2007
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So I just finished up my new Keezer on Monday. I'm carbing a couple kegs now. I did some research and it seems that my system will be balanced at 15psi

I have 5 feet of 3/16" beer line from the keg and I have almost exactly a 3' rise from the center of the kegs to the faucets.

Assuming the standard flow resistance of 2.7psi per foot of beer line, and I'm told you need to add 0.5 psi for every foot of vertical rise from the center of the keg to the faucet, my pressure should equal

(5 X 2.7) + (3 X 0.5) or 13.5 + 1.5 = 15

Sound right so far?

Also, I don't want my beer to be too over-carbed, so I'm setting my ales at about 45 degrees in the keezer. At 15PSI for that temp I should be able to get about 2.51 volumes of CO2 for my carbonation.

For most beers would that be an acceptable amount? I currently have two Pale Ale variations in there right now.

Thanks to all!!


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Aug 3, 2006
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I always recommend starting with a few extra feet. You can always cut a foot off but adding a foot requires a whole new line. Good luck with the system.