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Andrew Hodgson

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May 2, 2018
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Saratoga Springs
This is a pretty simple brew I did with a bud over the weekend. Haven't brewed in awhile and need to get back into the swing of things. I am posting mainly because I have not seen a lot regarding anecdotal experience with WLP 648 (Brett brux trois vrai).

Simple sour grainbill 60/40 White Wheat and 2 row.

Mash at 150-155 for one hour, boil for 15 minutes just to sanitize. Pre-acidify to about 4.5.

Chill to 100F, pitch 2g Sour Pitch.

+1 Day

Pitched 2g more Sour Pitch and 2 pills Ultimate Flora Lacto Blend.

+3 Days (today)

ph is now 3.4

Pitch cold-crashed, decanted 2L starter of WLP 648.

Note that this is both my first time primary fermenting with brett and also was not timed out well by me, this starter has only been going for 2 days and this vial is from 2020. I know brett requires longer to propagate generally but having unhopped wort with only lacto in the fermenter for much longer has me a bit antsy so I will save a bit for next time and pitch the rest, though it was chilled and decanted as this strain seems to leave wort famously cloudy for awhile I will pitch quite a bit of the starter, perhaps more than I would if it were Sach or another brett that was given the proper time. Would have preferred a large over-pitch of very active brett but I'm sure it'll be fine for such a light wort.

Will update, I am expecting this to crank down pretty good in under a month but if not I will pitch something aggressive and get it to dry.
the WLP 648 took a couple days to take off, as expected. Did not get it as hot as I would have liked to begin ferm but held about 80 the first 2 days. Now pretty vigorous ferment. Airlock smells vaguely fruity. We will see how long it takes to work the wort down to dry.
It'll be interesting to see if you get any Brett character. I've tried co-pitching Brett/Lacto/Sacch in un-hopped wort a few times and didn't get any Brett character in them.
I am hopeful that the front end sour will be given at least a bit of depth/complexity by the WLP648. I would prefer a properly timed starter to judge that though.