Aquarium Pump, Diffusion Stone, but filter?

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May 8, 2007
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I just got an aquarium pump and 2 micron diffusion stone* for aeration, but I don't have a filter for the line. I can build one easily, but is this even necessary?

It seems to me like the stone itself is a sort of filter as visible (and many invisible) dust particles are much larger than a two thousandths of a millimeter.

*Before now, I just shook the heck out of my carboy with an undrilled bung in it, taking the bung out once or twice to let fresh air in. About six months ago, I was washing out said carboy when it slipped out of my hand, three inches above the ground, while I was pouring it out. The bottom sheared right off. I'm back to ale pails for primary.


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Jan 29, 2012
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If it's not too late to return the aquarium pump, you could just use bottled oxygen. It's free of bad bugs and will get your saturated O2 to the correct level in about 60 seconds. Chris White (the founder of White Labs) talks about this type of thing in his yeast book, and he says you're likely not going to get the optimal saturation with just air, O2 is necessary if you want to get it up to a yeast happy level.

It will really help if you have a high OG beer, you can get much better attenuation. My friend and I just split a 10 gallon batch of a Belgian Tripel, my oxygenated wort finished at 1.014 and his non-oxygenated finished at 1.022.