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Jan 10, 2008
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I have decided to try and make a batch of this in a Mr Beer, but had one last question before i went after it.

How long will fermentation take in this set up? The original recipe suggests 6 weeks, but will it take this long with the Mr Beers smaller capacity as well?

The reason being is this is my first ever attempt at making my own alcohol, I do not know if i can stand to wait that long. The couple of weeks for one of the Mr Beer kit brews seems more bearable.

Any advice for this complete noob would be greatly appreciated.
The fermentation takes a certain amount of time and it's not going to take less time because you're making less of it. The process is yeast eating sugar and producing co2 and ethanol as waste products. I know it seems like it would be faster, but it isn't. Some of my wines take a really long time to ferment even one gallon. Wine making and beer making aren't really good hobbies for inpatient people! Good beer takes about 6 weeks, and that's for "regular" beers. Anything higher alcohol like a big beer or wine takes longer.
blacklab said:
I would make something other than A-wine to start. it's an acquired taste.

Thanks for the concern, it was shared by the local shop owner, and he altered the recipe to make it a bit sweeter like a cider. Ill start there and then move towards the apfelweis.