Anyone heard of/use Trubclear?

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Dec 13, 2007
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huntsville, alabama
My LHBS pointed me toward a product called Trubclear that supposedly works even better than irish moss at clarification. I can't find any website for a manufacturer and haven't found any previous mention on the forums. Anyone know anything about it? How much to use/when?
Im not sure if it's the same thing but under a different name, but my LHBS has whirfloc that is supposed to be what the major breweries use, but has finally been introduced to the homebrew world. Its what I use and does a good job!

mrkristofo...that ebay listing is actually where I got it, from an individual named Tom Hargrave (most of his business is online but he opens on weekends for locals). He suggested it works better than irish moss and was used by many large breweries. I was told to add 1/4 teaspoon to a 5gal boil at 15 min. I did that and got a huge flair-up in the boil for about a minute and then it settled down.
He had a 10lb container from which he sold me about 5oz. The container looked pretty legit--nothing homemade about it. I used it in my DFH 90-min IPA-esque beer (-esque because I modified the hop- and grain-bills and added oak chips to the secondary). That Trubclear certainly will have it's work cut out for it.

I'll repost when it's going down the gullet.
I am resurrecting this thread in hopes that someone can tell me if Whirlfloc is a similar product. I put some trubclear in my Nut Cracker clone and I have to tell you, if the trub is any indication of how clear this beer will end up then OH MY. Instead of being a cake of runny oatmeal consistency like my trub normally is this was like a gelatin disc at the bottom of the bucket. I literally could have poured the beer off of the trub without disturbing it.

Is whirlfloc that good? If so, I will have to order some, if not, I will have to do some digging as Tom doesn't carry trubclear anymore.
We use whirfloc....and to be honest, no complaints coming from us. Always seems to drop the trub out pretty quick.
I have been wondering the same thing, I have a jar of trubclear, it was a gift back when i did my first brew. It did seem to work, but its hard to judge , it was only used on my second batch, and I did not drink most of it. ( it was a thrown together mess made with Premier malt , maple syrup, and oatmeal) just wondering if I i should save the jar, or chuck it in the trash.?
I use supermoss and that stuff is TITTS! I used to use whirlfloc then came upon this stuff in a group buy. It puts whirlfloc and irish moss to shame, IMHO

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