American Wheat Yeast (Wyeast 1010) flavor question

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Mar 22, 2007
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The background:
About 5 weeks ago I brewed a Blackberry American Wheat. I tried a sample of it last night and it tasted sour/tart. It wasn't exactly unpleasant but much more sourness would be.

I looked on the Wyeast website and it give the following description of the yeast. Notice the reference to tart.
"A dry fermenting, true top cropping yeast which produces a dry, slightly tart, crisp beer. Ideal for beers where a low ester profile is desirable."

The details:
It was a pretty typical recipe. Off hand I would say I used about 4 lbs of wheat extract and 3 or so lbs of light LME. Nothing crazy used for the hops or grains. After a week of normal fermentation at 65 degrees I racked it to my corny, added 2oz of blackberry extract and let it sit for 4 weeks. I checked it last night and it had a FG of 1.012.

My questions:
1. Why is my beer so sour/tart? Is it because the low fermentation temps, the blackberry extract, a combination of the two, or did I get a wild yeast?
2. Has anyone else experienced this sourness with Wyeast 1010?
3. Is the beer stuck this way or will it mellow out if I age it longer?
4. Once cold and carbonated, will the sourness be less?

My plan right now is to let it sit another couple weeks, carbonate it, and try it then. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your thought!
-Jeff :confused:


Nov 26, 2007
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Roseville, MI
Ive used this strain with a Blueberry Wheat and had a great result...

Do you think the problem could be in the artificial flavoring? Or maybe the amount that you added? 2oz doesnt seem too high (for what I read), but Ive never used the flavoring stuff before.

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