american beers are good too

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Apr 14, 2004
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I have drunk some american beers: heineken, carlsberg, miller etc... they're ****in' good... are strongger than brazilian's, you know... but I don't meet much the american beers... just a few of them, I want to meet more, they're good!!!
Rahbek said:
Heineken is dutch and Carlsberg is danish, but they are brewed on license in many different countries.

You know, its funny, most of the Dutch people I've talked to (used to live there for a semester) really don't like Heineken too much. It's ok, but there are much better Dutch beers. I guess Heineken is like the Budweiser of the US.
Lost Coast, Eel River, Moylan's, Celis, Hop Pocket, Sierra Nevada, Anchor, New Belgium, Bear Republic, Anderson Valley, North Coast, Magic Hat, and on and on and on and on and on......

I'd say there are some damn fine beers made in America...better beer here than in most parts of the world. The "no good beer in America" thing is an old pre-microbrewery idea.

And honestly, I don't count Yeungling...just MHO ;)