Always same amount for Carb?

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May 18, 2007
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Qc, Canada
Do you always use the same amount of dextrose / malt extract to carbonate your brews? At LHBS they have those 220g (or so) bags that are supposed to carb a 23L. batch (6 us gallons I think). But, I don't use them. I like my beers to be primed according to the specific style.

Do you always consult online priming calculators or you don't want to bother and always take the same amount to prime?

I try to carb to style, but it's quite difficult when bottling, I think. I also think that the recommended starting line of 4 oz corn sugar to 5 gallons is overcarbed, at least with my experience.
I have done some reading and investigation on this subject in an effort to refine my brewing skills.

I always come back to what has worked for me. 4.5 is what is typically included in my extract kits and that has worked well and consistently for me. My problem is this, I don't brew for contests. Just for my own fun and pleasure. I like a good head on any beer so my opinion is just that. Mine.

There are a lot of positives of trying to brew to certain specifications. My personality tends to be more of, "keep it simple, and keep it fun".

Good Luck
The best way is to measure by weight. If you know the volume of beer to be carbonated and the desired volume of CO2 you want, the online calculators or the ones in brewing software will tell you how much dextrose or dme to use by weight.
Back in the bottling days, I carbonated according to the beer. I like some more carbonated and others less so. Now, the web and software calculators make it even easier.

If you are entering the beer in competition, you should carbonate to style, as carbonation affects every aspect of the beer. If you are brewing to please yourself and those around you, do what you like.

I always try to carb to style. Looking up the amount online isnt that tough just one more step in the brew to bottle process.
I try to carb to style, per volume, when bottling. but usually I keg, and I'm not making anything that requires very low or very high carbonation, so I just keep it at 10-12psi.