Airlock Sniffin’

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Jan 9, 2023
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South Carolina
What did you sniff through an airlock today?

Düsseldorf Altbier for me. Brewed it up yesterday afternoon, makes my heart happy to see that little bobber jumping up and down. Beautiful copper color and malt aroma is on point!
the hops in my german lager chugging away in the 52 degree fermenting chamber .

and a little sulfur from my warm fermented (65 degree ) lager (uh -oh....yeast stress maybe?)
I've smelled enough to know that sometimes the smells coming from it aren't pleasant. Other times they are. I assume it's better that the unpleasant stuff gets gassed off during the time it's in the FV as opposed to being trapped in a keg or bottle.

But I don't go around sniffing them. The smells are obvious when I get near the FV's.