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  1. S

    When does Mead start bubbles and airlock bubble?

    Hi Guys. When does Mead start bubbling and airlock starts to bubble? Roughly? My ciders start on day one. Mead didn't move yet on day 2 at all. I know it's more dense and honey is more antibiotic. I just want to get rough idea so it doesn't go bad due to lots of sugar and fruit in there. If...
  2. O

    Is a stuck fermentation safe to drink?

    Hi all! First or second post! My fermentation got stuck, and I tried to unstick it. It went from SG 1.050 to 1.030 after over a month. It started at whatever I needed to get to 12% alcohol, with nutrients. I was really excited to drink it! It's a guava juice brew (no preservatives). The thing...
  3. K

    Wine kit fermentation activity

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum and wine making and hoping someone out there might be able to help me. I have started a Vintners red wine kit and added the yeast as per instructions, so far on day three I haven't heard any activity from the airlock. Keeping an eye on it i believe it might be...
  4. J

    Mead without an airlock?

    Hi everyone, I started my first batch of Meade yesterday, I have left it in a plastic bucket with a sealed lid but no airlock. Do I need to release the CO2 if so how often and does it matter if oxygen gets into the mixture? Many thanks, Josh
  5. seanberger

    Houston, I might have a problem?

    Hello All, I started my first batch of kombucha on the 23rd, and I am thinking something went haywire. I submerged all of my equipment into boiling water, along with using said boiling water as the main component of water for my batch (after it cooled down of course!). Used my starter tea...
  6. T

    Replenish sanitizer in airlock?

    Hi, I'm about 26 hours into fermenting my first batch of homebrew. The fluid in the airlock was bubbling nicely this morning, but when I checked in this afternoon I noticed that much of it had overflowed. Is this a problem and should I replenish it? Is there something I need to do to keep this...
  7. David138

    5 gallon lemon spiced mead question

    Just raked for secondary fermentation. When I put the top on and then the bung, some of the water from the airlock dripped into the mead. Is this bad, will it turn out ok?
  8. LBussy

    Brew Bubbles: Web-Enabled Airlock

    I just did a Google search: That seems to be pretty important to many homebrewers. Nobody agrees what's "right," and about all the Internet can do is help you pass the time in between trips to stare at the airlock. Wouldn't it be great if someone made something to tell you when your airlock...
  9. M

    Airlock lid blowing off

    I'm making a cider from the apples harvested from my allotment and for some reason, instead of bubbling through the water in the airlock, the pressure is just building up until the lid blows off. I'm pretty sure the fermentation is going fine, otherwise it wouldn't be happening. I've tried two...
  10. Sergiy

    No airlock activity

    Hi, I don't see any airlock activity after 24h. I got a lot of headspace in primary, 16 liters in 30 liters plastic carboy. Will i see any activity or headspace are too much? The reason I'm asking because i will go for a secondary for dry hopping, and i want to know when to transfer. Im doing...
  11. badcatsclaws

    Strange Bubble Issue

    Hello there, First time wine brewer here. I have a weird situation and couldn't find any explanation on the net. The problem is when I place the airlock, it starts bubbling approximately in 1 hour. It keeps bubbling for 3-5 hours. Then it stops, water in the airlock stays at the same levels on...
  12. Smitty


    Ok experienced brewers here goes! Started my first ever batch (Brewhouse Mexican Cerveza) last Thursday night. By Friday night the airlock was bubbling away. By Sunday morning nothing and I noticed that the spigot on the bucket I purchased was leaking. Got the leak stopped, lost about 500ml...
  13. B

    Carboy for F2

    Hey! I'm currently brewing 6.5 gallons of kombucha for a small market and I'm still perplexed as to how I should efficiently do the secondary fermentation and bottling. I was wondering if it would be possible to use 5 gal carboys for secondary fermentation and flavoring? Then just filter...
  14. pshankstar

    Plaato Airlock Discussion

    I figured I would start a thread on the Plaato Airlock. I was one of the very early backers of this project. I was curious to get my hands on something that I could tinker with and incorporate into my brewing hobby. I figured this thread would serve a good place for users of the Plaato...
  15. Bobcat

    Question about airlock for primary

    Good afternoon :yes: Quick question... I've had an IPA in primary for exactly 3 weeks and I was going to dry hop it today before I bottle it next week. Do you think I need to keep an airlock on it after 3 weeks or can I put a cap on the carboy after I dry hop it? I ask because I ordered a...
  16. DeutschMann96

    Time to repitch?

    Long story short I ordered yeast (WLP029) from Homebrew Supply, and FedEx took the scenic route to get here. After 5 days I got my yeast. The cold pack, and vial were very warm. But I decided to give it a shot anyway. Made a starter, pitched it in, here we are three, and a half days later...
  17. Phil5150

    Need advice :) First Beer

    Hi everyone, first sorry for my bad english, i'm french. I'm 19 years old ( don't worry in Quebec is 18yrs legal age Ha ha ) I just started Brewing, and i need few advices. I brought Black rock Mexican lager from my local brewery store with IO Star and PBW cleaner. I read everything on the...
  18. A

    Sugarshine Mash

    Hey guys, I'm not too sure where to post this, but I could use a hand. To jump into things, this is what I started with: 4 gallons water 5lbs cane sugar 24oz molasses 1 packet fleischmann's yeast Started the fermentation on 5/9/18 with an original gravity of 1.060. There wasn't much activity...
  19. V

    Blow off tube alternative

    So my airlock has been "bubbled up" into and filling with yeasty bi-product three times and I don't have quick access to a blow-off tube. Should I just keep cleaning and re-sanitizing it or is there something else I can do? Also, the temperature has been in the 66-70 range the whole time...
  20. SleepyCreekBrews

    Blow off tube best practices

    You should use a tube large enough to carry the foam/hops without clogging. You should use a container capable of holding all the FOAM that may come out of the fermenter (generally 1/2 -1 gal) for a 5-10 gal batch. After all, we have a really active ferment too vigorous for a regular airlock...