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  1. tofumanchu

    In Defense of the Humble Keezer Collar

    After a hiatus of about 20 years, I decided to get back into homebrewing. I had a great time reminiscing about past brew days while pulling out the old gear. It was about then that I looked at the bottling bucket, capper, and cases of bottles and immediately remembered one of the reasons I...
  2. abdominousabel

    Inverted airlock!

    Disclaimer: I’m buzzin’ This is hilarious! I put my yeast starter with an airlock in my chest freezer to cool down from 85 deg F (yikes) and now it’s at 77ish. The change in temperature caused a negative pressure in my erlenmeyer Flask! The airlock is now sucking in Oxygen! I find this...
  3. C

    Help a friend across the pond!

    Hi guys, i live in the UK and i need the help of just one friendly american. Specifically one from North Dakota! My friend has started a really funny blog called The DA, taking a satirical look at the daily goings on in the world of football.... sorry, SOCCER! Its become huge here in the UK...
  4. FireNightFly

    4 Word Story

    Here is a new game that I started a long time ago on an MMORP game forum. Rules: Continue a story posting only 4 words. ONLY ONE POST PER PERSON PER PAGE! Example: Joe: I woke up this Bob: evening with a headache. Kevin: So I went out Lilly: to see if I etc. etc. Ill get us...