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  1. S

    Airlock Sniffin’

    What did you sniff through an airlock today? Düsseldorf Altbier for me. Brewed it up yesterday afternoon, makes my heart happy to see that little bobber jumping up and down. Beautiful copper color and malt aroma is on point!
  2. tofumanchu

    In Defense of the Humble Keezer Collar

    After a hiatus of about 20 years, I decided to get back into homebrewing. I had a great time reminiscing about past brew days while pulling out the old gear. It was about then that I looked at the bottling bucket, capper, and cases of bottles and immediately remembered one of the reasons I...
  3. abdominousabel

    Inverted airlock!

    Disclaimer: I’m buzzin’ This is hilarious! I put my yeast starter with an airlock in my chest freezer to cool down from 85 deg F (yikes) and now it’s at 77ish. The change in temperature caused a negative pressure in my erlenmeyer Flask! The airlock is now sucking in Oxygen! I find this...
  4. C

    Help a friend across the pond!

    Hi guys, i live in the UK and i need the help of just one friendly american. Specifically one from North Dakota! My friend has started a really funny blog called The DA, taking a satirical look at the daily goings on in the world of football.... sorry, SOCCER! Its become huge here in the UK...
  5. FireNightFly

    4 Word Story

    Here is a new game that I started a long time ago on an MMORP game forum. Rules: Continue a story posting only 4 words. ONLY ONE POST PER PERSON PER PAGE! Example: Joe: I woke up this Bob: evening with a headache. Kevin: So I went out Lilly: to see if I etc. etc. Ill get us...