A Tasty Summer Ale..

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Jun 6, 2009
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Lake in the Hills, IL
Here is the skinny, I was working out a Ginger Ale Recipe while enjoying some blueberry lemonade, since my initial thoughts on the Sorachi Ace hops were lemon aroma and taste, that spun into the thought of brewing the same beer without the ginger and simply adding fresh blueberries (after freezing and thawing of course) to the secondary to see what became of it. I was pleasantly surprised that the super mellow fermented out blueberries, the lemony hops, and honey malt melded well with the peach hints from S-05 fermented at 58-60° to produce a nice refreshing summer ale. not quite what I was looking for, but I feel it was successful and very quaff-able overall, I will be tossing this one into a Pro-Am comp later this month just for yuks.