A good brew day

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Dec 28, 2007
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Marion. Va
Got up early so I could tend to the cows, made the rounds before dawn & had my 1st batch going before 7am. An Imperial Stout from morebeer. Things went great. Hit the sparge & mash temps just right. Was done about 11am. Then I started on the Shakespeare Stout clone from austinhomebrew.com. Things went just right on this one, except for the part where i burnt the **** out of my arm trying to mash the wort chiller arms down into the mash. Thats why I keep the aloe plant around.

10 Gals of beer fermenting & 10% off at Austinhomebrew & my wife told me she bought a pair of them fuzzy hancuffs last week, HOW COULD THIS GET ANY BETTER????!!!!!
Grats on the good brew day.Sounds like the handcuffs are just icing on the cake...so to speak.

Mine was going great until a damn whole hop got sucked into the valve and completely boogered it up. Out of my 5 gallon batch I think I got 3. Still not sure why I decided it would be a good idea to use whole hops without a bag.
IU forgot to mention my hop bag got sucked into my valve during my second fermenter-fill-er-up-thingy...maybe I should move this to the drunken ramblings section. took my 5 minutes to type this without messign up. I bottled a nut bown ale & a choc stout last night & even tho they are flat, their definatley done fermenting!!:drunk:
a great day. I need to sober up to go to bed