3 yr old dark lager, will it be sour?

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Sep 17, 2008
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i have no idea why i left this so long
so its in a fridge running about 38 to 44 degrees with no real degree of accuracy for almost 3 years.

anyone have any predictions as to what it will taste like?

should i add some yeast to bottling to ensure some sort of fizz?

I seem to remember running this as a all grain with some small addition of crystal and amber malts to the original grain bill. I lost my note book for this though.

Im pretty committed to bottling even if it is a sour mess.

how much corn sugar should i use? for a 4.8 gallon brew.

any help would be appreciated


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Aug 29, 2011
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San Diego
Well, of all the possible places to leave a beer, a fridge is probably the best one. The beer may be oxidized- I'd taste it before bottling to see if it's worth the effort, and yes, this is one of the occasions you should add some more yeast before bottling. You may also have some autolysis flavors, meaty or rubbery, soy-sauce type flavors, but I actually kind of doubt it considering the beer's been refrigerated this whole time. Let us know how it is! I'd go about 5 oz of corn sugar or 4.8 oz of table sugar to bottle the batch.

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