3/15 Entry Deadline - National Homebrew Competition

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Dec 7, 2022
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Hello everyone and wanted to let you know about the 3/15 entry deadline for the National Homebrew Competition. The NHC in 2024 is eleven total events with nine first round (regional) judging sites. It gathers the largest judge pool of any homebrew competition in the world and is considered an international competition. There are also volunteer steward, BJCP judge and competition team opportunties.

If I can answer any questions please let me know. All details NHC 2024.

Julia - American Homebrewers Association Executive Director

3848 entries according to the website today. That is down from roughly 9189 entries in 2019. The steep entry fee in killing this competition. The decision a couple years ago to charge for "both rounds" might make fiscal sense if each entry was actually judged twice, but the percentage of beers advancing to the second round is small. One thing to pay $14, then a second fee if a beer advances...but paying $30 or $29 for each beer with the likelihood one might possibly advance out of a submission lot? Don't think that is going over too well with the average homebrewer.