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  1. S

    Aspects of Brewing a Wheat Beer

    With half of my family originating from Bavaria, I’ve been exposed to wheat beers from a young age, and would often proudly pour them for members of my family. I remember the unusual glasses, the lively bubbles, and the golden color of the cloudy liquid underneath a thick creamy head. It was a...
  2. AnbyG

    Very fast fermentation of (almost) all wheat beer with yeast starter of Safale WB-06

    Last weekend I attempted to brew an (almost) all wheat beer utilizing some leftover grains/extract to clear up some space in the pantry. Long story short, I did not have enough ice to throw in wort to cool it down rapidly to 70 F. So I left it at room temperature overnight (~18 hours) to cool...
  3. lukeziegler

    Hard Winter Wheat

    Hey folks, here's the deal. I am planning on brewing a honey wheat ale this next week and I am trying to figure out how to incorporate some un-malted Hard winter white wheat. Why you ask?? Well it comes from my in-law's farm and I'm trying to get some 'local ingredients' incorporated into this...
  4. C

    Any proven substitute for flaked wheat

    Hi all, I am going to brew a witbier this weekend, but I am struggling to find flaked wheat here. The recipe is 50% Pale Malt 2-raw // 40% flaked wheat // 10% flaked oats Anyone has already successfully substituted flaked wheat for a witbier in the past? I have seen somewhere else on the...
  5. frankvw

    Can you get ferulic acid from Weetbix?

    I've brewed a Weizen from extract before and it wasn't bad, but the liquid wheat malt extract I have yields a clear, light bodied beer that is low on the typical Weizen flavors. This is not surprising, since the LME lacks a lot of things you get from a proper mash containing significant amounts...
  6. BilltownBrewingCo

    "Nordic Princess" Raspberry Wheat

    Hello all. I am in the fermentation stage with this beer, despite not having a ton of info on Voss Kveik and the flavors it imparts in wheat beers. I also have not brewed with Raspberries in the past, and would like some advice. Just a bit about brew day- We hit our OG right on the button at...
  7. G

    Wheat beer, preserving banana flavour

    Hello All, My wheat beers lose the banana flavour after a few months, can anyone suggest any measures to preserve it for longer? I'm going to try storing colder but would be interested in any preservatives I could add or any other tips or tricks. I do bottle condition so nothing that will kill...
  8. H

    Fresh raspberries in wheat beer

    Made a wheat beer the other day... Grain Bill White wheat 4.5# Pilsner 3# Flaked wheat 1# Light Munich 0.5# Hops EKG 0.5 oz 45 mins EKG 1 oz 15 mins Water 0.5 tsp CaCl 1 tsp gypsum Yeast Wyeast 1010 Then I went to a local brewery/berry farm and ended up with 7lbs of raspberries. So I got...
  9. Ryan O'Donnell

    Flaked Wheat

    Hi All, So preparing for my third brew (first hefeweizen) and was looking over the ingredients I was given by the local home brew store. I saw I have a bag of flaked wheat, is this something that should be included with the mash in the initial wort boil? Or something added right at the end...
  10. K

    Help! Unusual pH drop on Weissbier

    Greetings! I've been having some trouble when brewing Weissbier. Been cooking up 20 L batches of weissbier with a pH after boiling of around 5.2. Pitching one 11.5 g pack of Fermentis WB-06 at 16°C, oxygenating for 2 minutes at 4L/min and fermenting at 20°C. Unfortunately, I end up with a pH...
  11. jaredwhite

    Need help with rhubarb wheat ale!

    I am making a wheat ale and plan to add rhubarb and cardamom. Here is my extract recipe: SG: 1.042-46 FG: 1.012-1.017 6 lbs. Wheat LME 8 oz. Carapils specialty grain .5 oz Hallertau hops for 60 min. .5 oz Hallertau hops for 2 min. White Labs California Ale Yeast WL001 Rhubarb in...
  12. A

    Trouble with honey

    I recently gave a friend a really simple extract recipe for a honey wheat beer that I had a lot of success with. The recipe calls for a pound (16 oz) of honey in the last 5 min. of boil. My friend made it and told me his original gravity was 1.063, but it should have been around 1.036. We...