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  1. J

    Results of High Temp Optimal Kveik Yeast Ferment

    Doing a test batch of a Citra IPA using Lallemand Voss Kveik dry yeast at 96 to 99 degrees F. As you can see from my Ispindle, Red color is SG and Blue is Temp. Lallemand indicates that the optimal range is 35-40°C (95-104°F) The results are less than 24 hours. Cross referenced with my...
  2. D

    Kansas Keezer/Kegerator Materials

    All of these parts are like new. I downgraded my keg system and no longer have a need for them. With this you can turn a deep freeze or refrigerator into a Keggerator. Perfect for somebody who homebrews and wants to take the next step to kegging. I am willing to answer any questions. Bought new...
  3. DanBeamer

    Fermentation Temperature

    Hey Folks , Giving my home brew a second chance- My first coopers kit I tried and the beer tasted like green apples ( this may be acetaldehyde? ). Despite the the hydrometer reading consistently for 2 days and letting the beer ferment for 14 days at around 18 degrees celcius. Anyways, I...
  4. B

    Ranco ETC-211000-000 2 Stage Temp Controller

    Gently Used. Ran my freezer/ferm chamber. Works perfectly. Fully wired. $75 plus shipping. At Worst, $13 in a medium flat rate USPS box. Thanks!
  5. HITCB

    More Beer Temp and Float

    Wrapping up my home brewery build and getting rid of some items I no longer need. All items are new and unused. More Beer Temp & Float. Building a temp controller using craftbeer pi so that I can monitor temps via my server. $150 shipped...
  6. snarf7

    How important is temperature to fermentation? And do lower temps slow the process?

    I put mine in the basement because it's dark and a consistent cool temp (summer it might get up to 65, right now it's about 60-61 F). But I've also read that the fermentation process itself is exothermic so the carboy is going to be warmer than the air around it, so cooler might be better no...
  7. Nate R

    Fermenting under pressure & tempature control

    Hello all. Still kinda new here so forgive me if starting a new thread was incorrect. I can't seem to find many threads on fermenting under pressure. I just picked up a cornical conical fermenter. By using a spunding valve i can ferment up to 35psi safely. However, my temp has been too warm...