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  1. TangBrewDo

    Fermentation Temperature Management

    Hi folks! Noob here. My wife got me a Mr. Beer kit for Xmas (she was warned about the gateway drug she just introduced haha). The particular starter recipe I have (Bewitched Amber Ale) specifies a fermentation temperature between 68-78 Fahrenheit (ideal 70-72) and a 70-76 range for bottling...
  2. Tommytomtom17

    Electric Brew BCS-460 Controller and Temp Sensors

    Heya! I changed my setup a bit and have some things I no longer need. I have: (1) BCS-460 controller ...............................$150 OBO (1) Power supply ..........................................$25 OBO (2) 1/2" MPT 2" long temp senors.........$30 OBO (1) 6" straight...
  3. U

    Illinois Various Electric Brewing and Stainless Fittings - $200

    I have a lot of fittings and other pieces of brewing equipment for sale. Electric Brewing parts: - (3) 6 ft cable, New (2 red, 1 orange), comes with a 3-pin disconnect at the probe end and a 3-pin female XLR connector at the control panel end - $35/each - 8ft cable, New (blue), comes with a...
  4. U

    Illinois Misc Brewing Equipment

    Selling off extra equipment to free up space (for transparency, listing the price next to new cost): Buy everything here for $70 OBO - Sample valve 1.5" TC - $20; $30 new - Corny keg carbonation lid (brand new, never used) - $30; $40 new Cornelius Style Keg Lid with with 0.5cm Diffusion Stone...
  5. beervoid

    Do higher mashing temps override lower mashing temps?

    Hello HBT, I've been wondering about this for a while. If I mashed 60 minutes at 145f for a high fermentable wort and after 60 minutes I decide to step up the temperature to 158f because I want a bigger body and leave that for 60 minutes. Does the higher temp cancel out the lower temp? Do...
  6. Iowa Brewer

    Consequences of Fermenting Lager at 59F?

    Hey all, Got three 5gal Corny's in my keezer, but I'm itching to do some brewing. want to get two ales and one lager going. The ales can go in my fermenter, but want to have a lager in the basement storeroom on the concrete floor. The room hovers between 57F-59F, right now. Would that be...
  7. devils4ever

    Koslch Mash Temp Mistake

    Just when I thought I had my HERMS system down solid, I made a mistake. I was planning on mashing my Koslch at 150F for 90 minutes. I set my temperature to 158F knowing I get about an 8F drop. So, I add my grist and got to 150F on the button. BUT...I forgot to lower the temp immediately. The...
  8. L

    Best aging temp vs Max aging temp

    Hello all, Sorry if this has been answered but having a hard time finding the answer to my question... I live overseas and will be returning to the U.S. for 2 months in the month of July-August, hot months. I was wanting to do a few batches of different style beers to the let them age while we...
  9. Redpiper1

    First time pils noob

    Hi guys/gals. Long time listener, first time caller. Ok so I looked thru the forum quite a bit and I hope it's ok to post this here. Anyway, I brewed my first pils yesterday and have a couple questions because I had difficulty getting my wort down below 70°. I live in Michigan and the temp...
  10. R

    Help (pid )

    Hello my name is Robert and I recently have put a pressed together I am utilizing an inkbird Rex c100 controller I want my heating elements to stay around 160 degrees Fahrenheit I have no instructions or manual I need to get this butter up and running I was hoping somebody could walk me through...