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  1. C

    Stalled 1007 in Alt beer

    Looking for some help here with a very stuck fermentation. Made an 10 gal all grain batch of Alt a week ago (1.053 OG, target 1.013 FG). Had a strong start for a few days, then tapered of and quit at about day 5. 3 days of steady 1.030 readings (corrected refractometer, that's not it). I have...
  2. NathanYearout

    Slow or stuck fermentation?

    Hello, this is my first time going for a pilsner and I've never done a cool fermentation before in a fridge. Chose a popular Urquell clone on Brewfather and made the wort like usual and nearly everything went according to plan, it took a a while to chill the wort but nothing major. Hit...
  3. B

    How did the Germans brew Roggenbiers without Rice Hulls?

    I was looking into brewing a Roggenbier but almost any time I look up a rye recipe it calls for rice hulls. I was wonder how Germans and other cultures use to brew without getting things stuck before someone came up with the idea of rice hulls. Or has the addition always been there since the...
  4. V

    Brewer's Friend Lactose Calculation

    I have two brews right now one using WLP007 and one using RVA Hoptopper both with about a pound of lactose in them each. NEIPA Yeast: RVA Hoptopper (200 Billion Cell Count, 3 weeks from manufacture date), well oxygenated 4.5 Gallon (in fermenter) blended batch Half mashed at 149 F Half mashed...
  5. beervoid

    Adding Yeast Nutrition During Fermentation

    Hello everyone, So because of a mistake in the temp controller I pitched my ale yeast way too cold.. at around 7c. I also forgot to add yeast nutrient. I made a proper starter before pitching it. After warming the keg up some fermentation action was seen but it wasn't convincing enough for me...
  6. B

    Stuck or just Slow?

    I have a 3 gallon batch of melomel going at the moment with 71b OB honey pomegranate juice and blue berry juice. Starting gravity was 1.120 and temp has been 65f using a thermowell and inkbird to keep it accurate. I have followed TOSNA 3 for the nutrient additions as well with Ferm O and Fermaid...
  7. guinnessface

    Stuck and Stumped

    Brewers- I could use your help here, I've been running into dead ends lately with much higher than expected final gravity. A month ago I brewed an AG imperial brown on a grainfather. Pretty typical malt bill with a pound each of DME and brown sugar at the end of the boil, mashed at 155, mashed...
  8. P

    Another stuck fermentation thread

    So I brewed up a Pale Ale kit from Brew House which is the concentrated wort kit (comes with 15L of wort) which I then add water and top it up to be 20L. OG was 1.060 and it got stuck at like 1.023. I used a dry saffale s05 for this batch. Its been at 1.023 for like 2 weeks now without any...
  9. Brewfawx

    Left in Fermenter?

    So I was brewing a Walnut Vanilla Amber, and after pouring my wort into my carboy, a family emergency came up, and i was unable to pitch the yeast for about a week. the fermenter had a blowoff tube attached, and was undisturbed during that time. Is it too late or unsafe to pitch the yeast? Will...
  10. beervoid

    Stout stuck at fermentation? OG 1.056 current gravity 1.031

    Hello everyone, I been fermenting a stout with US05 since 4 days. It's fermenting in a Keg of 20 liters which I filled up to 17 liters to leave about 3 liters headroom for fermenting. OG 1.056 Target FG 1.018 I opened the keg today to do an intermediate gravity check and noticed krausen has...
  11. B

    Stuck fermentation lager

    Hey all, I made a dopplebock OG 1.084. Everything by the book been keeping it in my keezer with a temp of 47F its been fermentating for 2.5 weeks. Around week and a half into fermentation i noticed that the krausan was gone. I checked the gravity week 2 and it was at 1.051. I incresed the temp...
  12. d4rren

    Co2 stuck in regulator...?

    Got a kegerator conversion kit from KegCowboy and I am having problems with the dual-gauge regulator. When I turn on the Co2 both gauges respond correctly so pressure is def. making it in there, but it does not seem to make it to the hoses. I took off the hoses to make sure there wasn't a...