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  1. A

    Recommend a Recipe Please - Raspberry +?

    I have a kilo of raspberry puree leftover from the Raspberry Wheat beer I brewed and I would like to do something with it. I'm not interested in lambic/sour beers I'm much more interested is a Stout or Porter in the 5 to 6% ABV range. I'd appreciate any recipes that you have brewed and can...
  2. ophiodon

    Sterling and Chinook

    Howdy My 2nd year Sterling and Chinook produced lots of hops. I brew other beers with these varieties, but never together Anyone out there in Beer-land have a recipe that uses these two in combination? Not real sure they'll work together, but willing to try. a hoppy pils? a czech IPA...
  3. T

    Storing & Using Wild Hops

    Hi again everyone! At my summer job I found a hops plant that nobody seems to need, so I figured I'd give harvesting and using the hops a go! The cones feel papery and have yellow lupulin visible just under the topmost leaf, so I figure they're ready to take. What's the best way to dry and...
  4. X

    First Recipe, need critique Winter Warmer

    Morning! This is the first recipe that I built completely from the ground up and would like some advice. I am going for a Winter Warmer style that has a deep red to mahogany color, so not entirely black. Flavor should have some malt sweetness with caramel and raisin notes as well as some...
  5. Tyler Hurst

    Saison Recipe Critique. Dry, fruity, funky, crushable.

    hey all. First off thank you to everyone who gives any feedback, this community means a lot to me. So I have been making saisons for quite a while and I’m really playing with yeast ideas and need help with hops ratios/schedules. I’m looking to make a hoppy saison and I don’t know how much to use...
  6. Tyler Hurst

    Summer Mule Beer ingredients help!

    so every year my wife’s family goes on a week Long Beach vacation and they always make summer mules (a version of the Moscow mule with gin, elderflower liquor, lime, and ginger beer). I want to knock everyone’s socks off and make a summer mule beer. But, I’ve never brewed with some of these...
  7. ScrewyBrewer

    ezRecipe Design - The Full Featured Beer Recipe Designer For Excel

    ezRecipe Design is the full-featured beer recipe design tool for Microsoft Excel. After years of development and actual brew day testing, ezRecipe Design v2.01.03 is now available to the public for download and use. Click Here To Download ezRecipe Design
  8. voicelex

    American IPA 12 Day Session NEIPA

    I wanted to brew this beer for two reason, one to see if I could and two because I had a party coming up and like so many recipes, this was based on necessity! Efficiency: 70% Ingredients: 6 lbs US 2-row malt 2 lbs white wheat malt 2 lbs flaked oats 4 oz Crystal 120L 4 oz lactose 1 oz...
  9. B

    Bourbon barrel porter recipe help

    I'm trying to make a bourbon barrel porter-type brew but I'm often wary of that style being too sweet, especially by the time I've gotten to the bottom of the glass. I like the bourbon and oak flavors but I want something more like a stout in terms of flavor profile. I've done a few things to...
  10. Northern_Brewer

    St Austell recipe for Daylight Robbery (which became Tribute) - from the horse's mouth

    Roger Ryman has dug up the recipe for Daylight Robbery, the beer that he brewed on the 2.5brl kit at St Austell for the 1999 solar eclipse, that evolved into Tribute with the addition of some Styrians. 2.5brl is 108 US gallons or 409 litres, so multiply by 0.046 to get to 5 US gallons. Hmm -...
  11. O-Ale-Yeah

    Please critique my recipe

    I am shooting for an non sweet, non hoppy, very full bodied, darkish, flavorful Ale. I like these stats the calculator produced from my ingredients: OG: 1.080 FG: 1.029 ABV 6.78% IBU: 21.54 SRM: 13.88 My Grain Bill: 5 lbs. Wheat 4 lbs. Pilsner Malt 3 lbs. German Dark Munich 2 lbs...
  12. N

    Oaked Saison feedback

    This is my first ever saison. I decided to get a little crazy and do something aged on oak with wine because I've had a few similar examples I've really enjoyed. I mostly chose the malt bill because it's what I have on hand, but if you have any suggestions on adjustments up/down please let me...
  13. C

    smoked stout recipe

    Hi im trying my first move into using grain instead of extract/steep and am planing to make a smoked stout using a partial mash/ extract method and am wondering thoughts on the recipe. It is a 5 gallon batch using a partial boil. The recipe is: 1 kg Extra light DME (23.3%) 1kg light DME...
  14. francois x

    So... any suggestion for my 100th special ?

    Hi all!, i am about to brew my 100th homebrew, was wondering what would be your all-time best brew. Food for thought. The one you keep #1 in your book. "THE ONE" beer ;). Ok! all the best, From Montreal, canada.
  15. Bryan312

    Mead advice!

    Hey all long time reader first time posting, I’ve been making wine and beer for about 3 years now and spirits for about 2 and I e been a chef for 13 years. I just got a hold of 10kilos of pasturized honey for free from the restaurant and thought I would try to make mead. However I’m not sure...
  16. V

    Making Something With The "Left-Overs"

    Just for "fun" I am trying to see what I can make with leftover / donated ingredients I have. Right now I have: 1.5 lb of Bavarian Wheat DME 1 oz German Magnum 1 oz German Perle 1 oz UK Fuggle I also have US-05 and US-04 dry yeast around. So what can I make?!
  17. V

    Lazy NEIPA Recipe Question

    Riding the coat tails of a few 15 minute brews I have decided to give a NEIPA a try under the same concept and would like some feed back on the process, my biggest question is how / when to incorporate flaked oats into the process. Please let me know if the grain bill is to much as well...
  18. Kris Brew

    First Recipe, Brewing Tomorrow - Thoughts?

    Hi all, Just want some opinions really... i have never created a recipe before and thought i would have a go! That's what i have come up with based on the ingredients i have, opinions?
  19. B

    Stout Feedback

    I am about to take my new eBIAB setup for a spin this weekend. I am planning on a stout that will serve as a starter for an RIS. I love really chewy stouts, not thin and highly carbonated stouts. Although I'm not shooting for some super high ABV beer, I want a similar appearance and mouthfeel of...
  20. D

    Film on beer

    I'm currently brewing a smores stout which I came up with by tweaking a chocolate stout extract recipe. Added Graham crackers to mash which is the only change from original recipe so far. Just transferred to secondary last week and have noticed a white film settling on top of the beer. I'm...