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  1. Nebraskan

    Pressure cooking wort with hops

    On a Youtube.com channel I was watching about myths, and one of them was doing a 60 minute boil. I like the idea of a shorter time boil, after collecting the wort from the mash tun and lautering. However, there is also the issue of getting hops into solution in your wort for bittering, and...
  2. M

    Oops - secondary bung

    primary was in glass carboy for 9 Days. Transferred to secondary (glass carboy) for 10 Days. Had to use some cellophane to keep my bung/airlock in the carboy. When I went to rack it the carboy was under a lot of pressure as I must have accedently covered the bung hole (lol). Now the question...
  3. Apimyces

    Dry hopping: keg vs carboy

    It just occured to me that CO2 extraction is one of the methods to obtaining hop extract, and that in the keg, we've got precisely more CO2, more pressure, and an air-tight seal compared to in a carboy. But I don't have enough brewing experience to know if it makes a difference. So what fo you...
  4. C

    Yeast Shooting out the Airlock of my Primary

    First post, here it goes... My roommate and I have finally moved away from brewing from premade "kits" and chose a belgian golden ale clone to brew ourselves - I don't remember the name, I can look it up when I get home. Anyway, so it requires 8 lbs of DME for a 5 gallon boil - more than...
  5. C

    Do higher pressures carbonate faster?

    I'm wondering if beer carbonates faster at higher pressures, or if the CO2 dissolves at a constant rate no matter what the head pressure? Does anyone know the science behind this? I work at a homebrew shop and we have been having a debate on this. Some of the folks here have been turning...