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  1. B

    Pressure Ferment vs Typical Cold Fermentations for Lagers

    Hello, If you have the capability to pressure ferment, would there ever be a reason to do a standard lager with dropping the temp down and doing a typical lager fermentation? Seems like pressure fermenting can be done ALOT quicker and without the hassle of worrying about keeping the beer cold...
  2. S

    Pressure Fermenting and clarifying

    I’m about ready to crash my pressure fermented lager. Used WLP925, using a unitank conical. Here’s a couple of questions. If I crash it I calculate the temp drop I’ll loose about 1-2PSI, but to add gelatin to clarify I’ll need to release pressure. Will that make a frothy mess? Next when I...
  3. J

    Using a corny keg as secondary for dry hoping with spunding valve

    Wanted to try pressure fermenting but due to work schedule had to brew before spunding valve arrived was thinking about dry hoping current batch in keg with spunding valve krausen has dropped but still fermenting any thoughts on this
  4. M

    Pressure fermented Czech Pilsner wyeast 2278

    Hey all, I have brewed several pressure fermented batches in the past year and spund To naturally carbonate. This most recent was double decocted Czech pilsner oxygenated for 2 mins with pure o2, sealed the corny with gas and set the spunding valve to 15psi ambient temp at 68F. I used wyeast...
  5. M

    Fermenting Under pressure to finish off faster?

    Hi all, My beer has been fermenting for 1 week. No more blow-off tube activity "bubbles". OG was 1.050 and Just took gravity readings : 1.020 with the hydrometer. Next, it's a Saison yeast, so active at higher temp but it stays in a 22-23C environment, so it should be enough for it I believe...
  6. S

    Venting pressure in Fermzilla leading to massive foaming

    Last night I pitched a massive starter in to my well oxygenated wort. Second time using my Fermzilla under pressure. I thought I backed the wingnut out on the spunding valve enough but woke up this morning to Fermzilla at 20 psi. I vented the Fermzilla couple times to get pressure down to 8psi...
  7. RockyMtnRedBrew

    Pressure ferm. Vs traditional Lager test brew

    Hello all, I've been researching the process of pressure fermenting lager"ish" beers for several months now, and have been intrigued enough to try it for myself. I Plan on brewing the same 10 gallon recipe & separating the batch between 2 corny kegs, one will be lagered in my temp controlled...
  8. micraftbeer

    Pressurized Fermentation Resource Post

    I recently made a "resource post" for HomeBrewFinds on fermentation under pressure. I researched the various sources of info scattered out on the web, and tried to filter them with an engineering mind to glean the key technical aspects and practical applications. I also added my experience...
  9. V

    Is it safe to pressure ferment in a Spiedel plastic fermenter?

    This is what 15psi does to a Spiedel plastic fermenter. It was at 15 psi for less than 5 minutes as I figured out the adjustment on the spunding valve required to hit 10 psi, which it's been at for a couple days now. A friend shared this pic with a buddy who works for a micro brewery and he said...
  10. B

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    I first fermented under pressure by casting out as usual, oxygenating the wort, pitching yeast, capping the fermenter (I ferment in kegs), then pressurizing with CO2 and immediately questioned why I wouldn't have done so with O2. I haven't seen this discussed anywhere and most discussions and...
  11. M

    Lager at Pressure

    Hi all. I hope you guys and girls can help. So I had my second brew day yesterday decided to try my hand at a Czech pills as requested by the mrs. I had the liquid yeast for a couple of weeks in the fridge due to moving I didnt have time for a brew I pulled it out around 18-24...
  12. chunkychicken

    Fermenting cider under pressure, it's a win for me

    So, I recently bought a Fermentasaurus Snub Nose to start brewing cider and beer with. Having done barrel brews, carboy brews and shake brews (shake that bottle for me, shake that bottle for me, come on now!), changing to pressure was something different. I'm not going to pretend I know anything...
  13. SouthPhillyBr3w3r

    Questions Related to Recent Brew (Pressure "lager")

    I recently brewed a beer that is in the style of a Schwarzbier (no cold fermentation, german ale yeast). I will list the recipe and techniques, then I have a few questions. Batch Size 4.5 Gal Est. ABV= 4.8% 90 min Boil Grist 4 lb German Pilsner 4 lb Munich Malt 6 oz Crystal 40L 7 oz Midnight...