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  1. Trey Ark

    Yeast was robust, overflowed.

    I am making cider and the yeast blew the airlock off over the first night. I siphoned some out and put it back together and took the cap off my S shaped airlock. It seemed to then have a great, fast speed of fermenting. A day or two later I decided to add some pectic enzyme to clear it up. Now...
  2. W

    I accidentally let my melomel boil. Is it ruined?

    So I had a batch of mead turn into vinegar in the past and was paranoid about bacteria hanging out on the blackberries I was adding making their way into the brew. I decided to try and pasteurize my blackberries at a low temperature. Essentially I blanched them, but the water got a bit hotter...
  3. S

    Something odd floating in my Brew

    I just noticed something odd floating towards the top of my brew just below the foam top. I am doing a organic apple juice and honey brew, so could this be a the jelly stuff pectin from the fruit? if its not then im a little worried as i had some other stuff happen earlier with the brew. I also...
  4. M

    Melomels, Pectin, & Campden Tablets

    Hey everyone, I am in the process of making my second batch of mead which I plan on turning into either a 5 gallon multi berry or two 2.5 gallon batches one raspberry and the other blueberry. I am going to add the fruit in the secondary after the primary fermentation has occurred. When I add...
  5. D

    Adding pectin enzyme to a perry?

    getting ready to make a pear cider/perry. I’m using organic pasteurized pear juice, and plan to add some brown sugar and cane sugar for a caramelized type flavor and to bump the OG a bit(I’m aiming for a high-ABV cider, something in the 10% range so it’ll have to be around 1.100 roughly). I will...