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  1. Gosé the gozarian

    Mash tun basket?

    So, I built a mash tun out of a cooler (the rectangle kind) and had the copper pipe straining in the bottom then got a brew bag, I don't really like either of them. What is everyone's thoughts about making a stainless mesh basket that fits in the cooler? Best material, What to use for the...
  2. pancholozano

    Pancho's Keg Kooler Video Interview

    Check out the interview from Short Circuited Brewers. There is a 15% off code.
  3. Washington_Brewologist

    Stay with BIAB... Or move on to "Regular" all grain brewing?

    Due to space and inexperience, I quickly gravitated towards the BIAB method and grabbed myself a 10-gallon kettle and a bayou classic burner. I have about 10 brew days with the BIAB system under my belt and can't complain about the results. My question is one that most homebrewers probably go...
  4. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Mash Tun choices

    Hi All, I was contemplating making or buying a mash tun. I have watched various videos and done a little research in regards to making a mash tun. However, it seems like it is simple to do, however the bottom filter that you get doesn't look as though it'd be as effective or easy to clean as...
  5. N

    30 gallon mash tun

    i have question, i want to make mash tun from a cylindrical stainless steel vessel 30 gallon. it is 17 inches diameter and 31.5 deep Can i mash in 40 lbs of grain and do not have any problem whit lautering or i need wider bottom vessel, do will grain bed be too deep and stuck the flow in the...
  6. J

    First Mash Tun Batch

    Hello, I tried last weekend to brew my first batch of beer with a mash tun, since I've only did by BIAB, and it didn't work really well. So let's get down to it First I builded myself a custom mash tun by modifying a 5 gallon cooler. I changed the spigot and added a bazooka screen. With that...
  7. S

    Need help with mash tun!!!

    Hello all, I purchased an Igloo Marine 48 qt. cooler a couple of days ago to convert into a mash tun. I completed it today and decided to give it a whirl. I heated up some water and placed it in the cooler, shut the lid for a few minutes to preheat it, took the temp, let it go for an hour...
  8. extra_medium

    Show off your mash tun

    (if a thread like this already exits please delete this post) I had an issue recently which is forcing me to redesign my mash tun and i am interested in seeing what others are using. I would like to see pictures of your mash tuns (and maybe steal some ideas). :fro:
  9. Oaky

    How much grain in a 5 Gallon Mash Tun Converted Cooler?

    So I just picked up two 5G coolers that I'm converting to mash tun. I'm going to start out with grain bags. Yes.... slippery slope to all grain. So instead of figuring this out myself, can one of you tell me how much grain I can realistically put into a 5G upright cooler? (the get the...
  10. trasky

    Building MLT - what type of bottom?

    Looking for some insight on what people feel would be the best way to go for a newbie building an MLT? 5 gallon/10 gallon False bottom or ss mesh?
  11. I

    How long - stainless braid - xtreme 70

    First post here, have been a lurker for a long time, been extract brewing for a few years. Now working on building a mash tun out of a Coleman xtreme 70qt cooler. Planning to use cooler kit from Bargain Fittings. I am not a DIY kinda guy and live in a small town with not a lot of resources...
  12. lefty913

    Converted cooler mash tun question

    I just bought an generic 5 gal igloo container and converted it into a mash tun. I have been testing out the temperature control ability of this cooler by putting in a known volume of water at a specific temperature and letting it sit for an hour. To do so, I first add about 1 gal of 160...
  13. N

    Mash Tun Help.

    I was testing my newly built Mash Tun (5 Gal Rubbermade cooler) and noticed it leaking from the holder for the paper cups. I realized there was a crack in the bottom of the cooler and all the foam insulation was getting soaked. Is there anything to seal up the cracked liner?
  14. Dubcut

    Boston/Mass exclusive!

    Hey guys, new years res, not drinking for a year, so I'm selling off a lot of my brewing stuff to make room for my new wood lathe. This includes: $60 each (4) - ball lock 3 gallon keg (2 are missing a keg post but are fundamentally sound otherwise.) $30 - 5 gallon keg (3/4 full with saison...
  15. poley

    75qt Cooler for $30 -- good deal?

    (edited -- got confused between 75 can and 75 quart. i'm pretty sure it's 58qt, 75 can) Hi all, I found a 58qt coleman on sale for $30 tonight at Wal-Mart. It had the spigot on one end with a depression inside leading to the spigot hole. 1. Is this a decent style cooler to make a mash/lauter...
  16. StarCityBrewMaster

    What is the cost of a DIY Mash Tun?

    Not including the cost of the cooler. I'd like to know what fittings I need for the valve, if I can pick them up at any hardware store and what size pvc pipe is typically used? Also what type/size lines are used to go from the mash tun to the kettle? Anything else that may help me get...
  17. runningweird

    Wanted 10 gallon round cooler

    looking for a ten gallon round cooler to turn into a mash tun. I live just above the Maryland border in a town called Greencastle, PA. Zipcode 17225. thanks, Ian
  18. Jewsh

    making a mash tun

    I have a 48q rectangular cooler without a existing spigot. I want to make the leap into all grain without going broke. Would it be possible to drill a hole in this cooler for a spigot so I wouldnt have to siphon out the wort? If so, what would be the best way to go about this?
  19. mordantly

    coleman extreme 70qt

    anyone have one of these coleman extreme 70qt coolers? http://www.coleman.com/coleman/colemancom/detail.asp?product_id=6270A748&categoryid=8580 i want to get one, on $37 shipped from walmart.. my "local" store doesn't have it. i'm confused what Rustproof, leak resistant channel drain for...