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  1. dirtybear7

    Best Hop Utilization Formula and Why?

    Tinseth, Rager, Hopville, Garetz, Daniels, Mosher, etc.... Which one is best to use or should it be some combination?
  2. dirtybear7

    IBU / Hop utilization software issues??????

    I'm using two different applications for recipe creation, Hopville.com and Beer Tools (only one that works native on Macs). I get to wildly different IBU amounts from each. Which is correct? I'm making Northern Brewers Belgium Strong Golden Ale extract recipe with some changes to hop amounts...
  3. B

    Hops in Connecticut.

    Im really interested in growing my own hops. I like dark bitter beers and love the taste of hops. I was wondering what kind of hops would be the best in a New England climate... whats a proven technique for growing them... etc... I currently have access to a greenhouse with all the good stuff...
  4. RushN24

    Hopscotch Blonde Ale

    Ingredients: 6lbs Super Light LME 1lb Wheat DME (55%/45%) 1lb Dextrose 1lb Carapils 1.5oz Centennial @ 60 mins 1oz Cascade @ 15 mins .5oz Cascade @ 5 mins Fermentis US-05 yeast *1 Whirlfloc tablet @ 15 mins Here's how I did it: 1.) Brought 2 qts water to 160F and added 1lb carapils...
  5. D

    About Hops, and the difference between kinds of.

    Greetings to you all! I am new to Homebrewing, I have brew easy stuff, from extracts and recipes, at the moment I'm just trying to learn, and see what happens. My goal is to brew my own all-grain recipes! But, as a learner, and new in the forum, here is my very first question. I have...