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  1. dragonspeedster

    Brewing Equipment Sell-Off Part 2 - Brutus 10 System too !

    As promised here is some more items.... reasonable offers considered for each item or buy it all 8 Ball Locks kegs $ 45 each 5 Pin lock kegs $ 35 each 2 - 13 gallon fermenters $ 35 each 3 - 5 gallon glass carboys $ 20 each 1 - Submersion wort chiller $ 20 2 - Perlick Dual Gas...
  2. Mobstar

    Grain Crusher

    Good day, I'm looking to buy a grain crusher but have a limited budget. Would people recommend using those generic corn grinders to crack the grain? That's all I can get/find at my LHBS.
  3. N

    What Scale do all-grain brewers recommend?

    I am getting together all the equiptment needed to brew my first all-grain brew. I have been looking on Amazon and ebay for a digital scale but don't want to buy the wrong one. Since I will be weighing mostly grains, do I need a scale with some type of container or bowl on the scale to hold the...
  4. aggieotis

    GF Grain Equivalents

    This post is spun off from deep within another thread, so I thought I'd make it into a new thread as the information is pretty relevant to most of us. I went through the information on to try and find which crude GF grain profiles are closest to those that will kill/maim...
  5. acleanthous

    Water to grain ratio

    I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere in the forum and if so please direct me there. But I have a question about what to set my water to grain ratio for mashing at? I know there is science behind it and will affect the amount of fermentable sugars available, but I'm confused on picking a...
  6. Z

    Coffee Percolater

    I have an old 4 gallon, aluminum, percolater. Could it be used to make an all-grain beer? I have only seen one article with the concern or the temps being too high. The basket seems to be large enough for almost 3 quarts of grain.:confused:
  7. aleiexjr

    My first beer recipe (Red Ale) any suggestions?

    Hello there! I'm finally going to try my very first recipe. I designed it using the trial version of BeerSmith 1.4and I'd like to make a Red Ale (I used the sugested amounts for an Irish Red Ale) and here is what I got: Irish Red Ale Malt extract and grains (all weyermann) 6.17 lb...
  8. J

    Bulk grain buy in Philadelphia area? (existing or interest in starting?)

    Is there an active group bulk grain buy in the Philly area? If not, is anyone interested in helping to start one? I probably haven't thought this all the way through (don't have the location to host the delivery/pickup being the first issue). Anyone who has helped organize a group buy have...
  9. SteinBrew

    CaraPils/Dextrin Malt - How much to use?

    I have a quick question: When using CaraPils/Dextrin malt in a 10-gallon batch of all-grain ale, what percentage of the grain bill should be allotted? Side notes: - I am using this malt strictly for increased foam, head retention, and enhanced mouthfeel. - I am under the impression that...