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  1. J

    Between Brews: Mounting and Motorizing Your Grain Mill

    I really, really like my Monster Mill 3+. It is a little heavy to carry around, though, and it feels unstable when sitting on a bucket with a heavy drill motor hanging off the side. I knew that I wanted to make a permanent mounting with a fixed drive for it. That meant that I had to select a...
  2. S

    Grape to Grain: A Winemaker's Transition To Home Brewing

    About a year and a half ago, I stumbled on an article on the Flanders Red beer style. A Flanders Red is aged in oak barrels for years, giving it acidity and a Burgundian complexity which has been described as the most wine-like of all beers. I was intrigued by this concept, so I drove to my...
  3. J

    Simple Homebrewing Techniques

    So far in my homebrewing journey, I have explored the three simplest levels of homebrewing. All have used malt extracts rather than mashed grains (mashing is the process of converting the starch in the grains to sugars). "Malt extract" is wort (unfermented beer) from grain that has already been...
  4. B

    Recipe Numbers Not Adding Up: 5 Common Causes

    Ever find a great looking recipe - on a website, in a book, or elsewhere plug it into your brewing software - and the numbers just don't add up? I'm specifically talking about the IBUs and the specific gravity. It can be frustrating! Here are the main reasons why that happens: (Note: I've...
  5. O

    How to Design a Homebrew Recipe

    How to Design a Homebrew Recipe So, you've brewed a kit or two, and it came out pretty well. Or perhaps you've followed a few recipes from books or websites, and have been pretty happy with the results. Now, though, you are ready to create a beer that is your very own. But where do you start...
  6. A

    homebrewery wholesale for europe

    Hi, I am looking for wholesale distributors of home brewing supplies and equipment in Europe. I know only brouwland.com We have small eshop and we want to offer fresh hops and other grains. Thanks you
  7. ProhibitionBrewer

    Choosing Grain in a Prohibition Country

    Hello all, I'm a bit overwhelmed trying to source some grains in Saudi Arabia. I am a first time brewer, and I understand that this will be an uphill battle given my location and lack of experience, but I have had fair luck with sourcing brewing supplies so far. Everything is sorted except for...
  8. Andy Bullock

    Partial grain partial extract brew

    I was hoping to do a little bit of my own flavoring by using some grain in a BIAB, but then adding a DME or LME to get me a higher OG than what I can get using grains without a mash tun. 5 gallon kettle so not near big enough for a full boil. A couple of questions: 1. Is there anything I...
  9. Nate R

    Any opinions on the looks of the grain crush?

    Hello all. I could not find a current thread on this so forgive me if this an errant new post. I have a monster mill 3 (not pro) using a low rpm 2" drill- i can vary the rpm. I try to keep it around 160-200 rpm (by sound/look- nothing scientific). I do brew in a bag (using an arbor fab 600...
  10. Sandy D

    Michigan Selling Inventory For Home Brewing

    for sale: 5 gallon ball lock Corny Kegs (6) 2 for $50. (4 left) 6.5 gallon glass Carboy (2) $25 ea. (1 left) 6 gallon glass Carboy (8) $25 ea. 5 gallon glass Carboy (7) $20 ea. 3 gallon glass Carboy (4) $10 ea. 1 gallon glass jug (5) $5 ea. 32 gallon capacity food grade container used to store...
  11. snarf7

    Mash procedure for Unmalted Wheat and Malted Oats?

    I've never brewed with either of these before and this recipe calls for both so I was curious if there were any changes to the process or my temps or anything else I need to keep an eye on. Here's the grain bill: 8.5 lb American - Pale 2-Row (73.9%) 2 lb Belgian - Unmalted Wheat (17.4%) 1 lb...
  12. B

    Is this grain okay for creating a Malt with?

    I'm trying to save money by creating my own malt. I've read online that animal feed should be O.K for brewing. Unfortunately I won't be able to inspect this grain before purchasing. But assuming the quality is okay, will this work for creating a malt? It's about $40 less then buying the same...
  13. pinemarten

    Where do folks enjoy buying 55lbs grain sacks when you have no LHBS?

    Just moved to DC from Boston. Had a great LHBS 10 minutes away. Shot out to Jim and the crew at Weymouth Homebrew Emporium! The LHBS picture in DC is grim. Two look decent, but they are well over an hour away roundtrip. The "shop" actually in DC is a room connected to a brewery, 3 Stars...
  14. F

    Central florida bulk grain buy.

    I'm looking to put together a yearly bulk grain buy in or around central florida. I would go in on 8 or more sacks and need to find people to fill the rest of the pallet. Buying by the pallet is half the price of buying at the local brew shop so it would be well worth it for everyone. Lets...
  15. C

    How much water do you start with?

    I do extract brewing and make 5 gallon batches on average. I have a 10 gallon brew bucket with a thermometer built in, but it only reads if i can fill the bucket with around 4 gallons of water. In all my kits, they say to add 2.5 gallons of water and then add your grains, etc. Why only 2.5...
  16. snarf7

    What basic grains, yeast etc should I try with these hops?

    I'm new to this so my plan is to brew five 1-gallon batches to see what works well and what doesn't. The hops I grew myself, they are freshly harvested a few days ago and fully dehydrated. The first batch I started this weekend was based off a kit so I just used their malt mix, grains and yeast...
  17. abdominousabel

    Inverted airlock!

    Disclaimer: I’m buzzin’ This is hilarious! I put my yeast starter with an airlock in my chest freezer to cool down from 85 deg F (yikes) and now it’s at 77ish. The change in temperature caused a negative pressure in my erlenmeyer Flask! The airlock is now sucking in Oxygen! I find this...
  18. abdominousabel

    My Mash Tun for a 3gal batch?

    So I switched to all grain brewing and I made a 15gal mash tun out of a wheeled square cooler because I want to have the potential to make 10gal batches. The other day I tasted a milk stout and loved it! So now I wanna make a 2.5gal keg of it. So that would be a ~4gal boil. Can I use my mash...
  19. abdominousabel

    MASH PH Question

    So i've been researching water chemistry stuff and i have a rough gist of it BUT my question is how do i lower the pH mash to 5.2 I see everywhere 5.2 is ideal, my second question is do i make my strike water 5.2 or do i make my pre boil 5.2? I'm confused! I attached water calls that i did on...
  20. C

    Grain Storage Bin

    I need to build a proper grain storage bin. I tend to buy in 25kg bags from Gambrinus as they give such a great rate at the gate. Currently I have 9 of the Rubbermaid 74L plastic bins for my base malts (pilsner, pale, ESB, honey, munich, rice hulls, vienna, wheat, plus one for my specialty...