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Apr 15, 2009
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Good day,

I'm looking to buy a grain crusher but have a limited budget.
Would people recommend using those generic corn grinders to crack the grain? That's all I can get/find at my LHBS.
Most people on a budged use a modified Corona mill. Its basically a plate mill designed to make flour. If you space the plates apart more, it can do a pretty good job of crushing, esp if you up the moisture content slightly by conditioning the malt.
Thanks for the reference!
I actually own one of these pasta machines. I think my wife wouldn't be very impressed to find one of the rollers all grinded up :)
I was looking into the the barley crusher. It seems a lot more efficient than the corona Corn grinder. Defalco's sells the corona for $70 freakin dollars. It's frustrating because I see them for $20 on US websites!
Here's a thread on corona mills, and how to convert them so you get a decent crush. Discount Tommy on Ebay sells some cheap ones, just watch out for the rubber pad they send with it, as it is cheap and smells sort of like gasoline. Just pitch the pad, give it a wash and convert it using a homer bucket. I get efficiencies in the low 80s with this. Also, rumor has it that Charlie Papazian uses the same corona mill that he started with way back when and gets efficiencies in the 80s with it.
Thanks for the info.
I ended up buying a Crankandstein mill with the Hopper and Base add-on. This thing is a beast and the name suits it! Probably the last mill I'll need to buy unless I want to upgrade.