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  1. N

    Yeast Cake Size

    I'm currently fermenting my first all grain batch, and I'm really surprised by the size of the yeast cake in my fermenter. Along with the hops I left in after a hopstand, I'm quickly approaching 5 of the 11 litre batch size in sludge! My question is what did I do wrong here - or is it just a...
  2. T

    Safale S04 Krausen

    I have a batch of about 5.5 gallons Mott's juice with S04. It's been in primary for two weeks now, and the Krausen on top has not subsided at all. I'm used to using champagne yeasts, so ale yeast is a bit of a new experience for me. About when might I expect it to subside? I'm worried about...
  3. F

    Wild yeast flocculation

    I want to do some experiments with wild yeast and I have some questions about it. Is known that brewer's yeast has the ability to flocculate due to the selective force put in it by centuries, since brewers have collected yeast from the fermentor´s bottom. And that is the difference with wild...
  4. Bryan312

    Odd Fermentation, Thoughts on why? Cloudy

    So I've been brewing regularly for about 4 years now and have made probably over 50 batches and this recipe is one of my tried and trues and always turns out pretty well the exact same. its a 10g batch of pale ale, I usually use US05 but only had enough for 5g so I pitched that in one and I used...
  5. TNJake

    Odd yeast flocculation

    I have a patersbier in the fermenter currently and it seems healthy but it looks odd enough that I am curious. The yeast dancing around has started to clump but it still circulating. So there are corn flake looking chunks about the size of a thumb churning around. The trub on the bottom is the...
  6. cheesechoker

    Bottle conditioning highly flocculant yeast (Kveik)

    I'm brewing an IPA using a Hornindal Kveik blend from Escarpment Laboratories. Targeting 6.5-7% ABV. No cold crash (the fermenter won't fit in my fridge). My concern is, this yeast is very high flocculation. In both the package I got from the lab, and the starter I made, the yeast basically...
  7. BigJefe

    Wyeast 1272 vs 1056

    I picked up Northern Brewer's Black IPA kit and decided I would buy the yeast locally here instead of getting it from them. The recipe calls for Wyeast 1272 (American Ale II), but the local shop only had Wyeast 1056 (American Ale). I'm not necessarily concerned with flavor differences, but...