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  1. SimplyBeginning

    For Sale 20-gallon Spike+ Electric Brew System (HERMS)

    20-gallon 3-vessel HERMS system used as our brewery pilot system. Owned for about 5 years, but only used a few times a year and has just sat in storage for the past year or so, as we're doing all of our pilot batches on our 3-bbl system now. Still in great shape, though a bit dusty. Uses a...
  2. C

    For Sale Complete 10 Gallon Batch HERMS Electric Brewing System, Keezer & Misc Items - Bethel, CT

    **Updated as equipment is sold - check post replies for updates** The original post has been broken up since equipment has been sold off in groups and pieces. Current list below as of 4/13/23: Boil Kettle 15 gallon electric boil kettle with hop stopper stainless mesh hop/trub filter. 15 gal...
  3. T


    BLICHMANN ENGINEERING 5 GALLON GAS HERMS PRO PILOT SYSTEM - $3,000 Complete system includes everything you need to brew all grain. I bought this system new two years ago and it is in pristine shape. This system new cost more than $6,000. Mash Tun: 10 gallon BoilerMaker with AutoSparge and...
  4. CalForester

    For Sale Complete Keggle to Keg & Bottle System

    I brew professionally now so I’m selling my entire system. Everything you need to go from grain to glass except propane tanks, keeping those. Keggle brewhouse with 13.2 gal HLT and 15.5 gal mash & kettle, 3 burners, pump w/ waterproof switch, and my DIY overkill 50’ counterflow wort chiller...
  5. M

    South Carolina Electric Brewery, 4 Tap Keezer, 7 Fermenters, Refractionating Column, 240v - Getting out of Hobby

    Greetings HBT Friends, After a long journey, the wife and I have determined that it is time to get out of the hobby. I have a complete electric brewery, consisting of (3) 20 Gallon kettles, control panel, pumps, heat exchanger, hop spiders, sink, and all the trimmings. In...
  6. tmoney007

    Florida Blichmann Three Tier, All grain HERMS, All SS, Complete Brew System

    Since the birth of my son I have not had the time to continue the pursuit of brewing. I built this stand to last the rest of my life so no expense was spared when it came to equipment and components. Everything is SS and cared for like lives depend on it. Stand Blichmann - 3 burner components...
  7. Wreck99

    3 vessel propane complete system (Charlotte) - $2500

    Selling my current rig so I can pay for the remaining pieces of my new build. Asking $2500 everything included. Local pickup only because shipping all of this would be a nightmare. I live about 30 minutes south of Charlotte, NC. I'm switching to electric so I won't be needing this setup in the...