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3 vessel propane complete system (Charlotte) - $2500

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Wrecked Brewery
Jan 28, 2012
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Selling my current rig so I can pay for the remaining pieces of my new build. Asking $2500 everything included. Local pickup only because shipping all of this would be a nightmare. I live about 30 minutes south of Charlotte, NC. I'm switching to electric so I won't be needing this setup in the near future. I'm still brewing on it until I find it a new home and/or get the electric rig setup completely. I would guess I have about 20 or so batches done on this rig, so it has a ton of life left in it.

The 3-burner single tier stand is made by Patriot Brew Systems and is sturdy as hell. The burners are 10" BG-14 bayou classic and it's a low pressure system so that means many brews on a single tank of propane. Also mounted onto the stand are 2 x SS Chugger pumps and a Duda-Diesel plate chiller. The pumps are controlled by a switch box mounted on the stand.

The 3 x 15 gallon SS kettles are from Spike Brewing, who makes amazing brewing equipment. Each kettle has tig welded ports. All fittings are cam-lock and I'll also be including all the hoses and fittings to go with it so you can just plug in and brew right away. As shown in the picture, the Left kettle is the HLT (Spike v2) with thermometer and pick up tube. The middle kettle is the Mash Tun (Spike v2) with Spike Brewing false bottom, ports for thermometer, pick up tube, and recirculation. I can include a sparge arm as I have extras. It also has a whirly-gig sparge arm installed in the lid if you prefer to shower the mash. The right kettle is the Boil Kettle (Spike v1) and has ports for thermometer, pick up tube, and whirlpooling.

The system has produced some amazing beers and will be great for someone looking to upgrade to a solid system. Thanks for viewing and let me know if you are interested. I'm happy to provide more pics if needed. Not included in the photo is the water stuff mounted to the wall.