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South Carolina Electric Brewery, 4 Tap Keezer, 7 Fermenters, Refractionating Column, 240v - Getting out of Hobby

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Sep 28, 2012
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Greetings HBT Friends,
After a long journey, the wife and I have determined that it is time to get out of the hobby. I have a complete electric brewery, consisting of (3) 20 Gallon kettles, TheElectricBrewery.com control panel, pumps, heat exchanger, hop spiders, sink, and all the trimmings. In addition to that, I also have a 4 Tag Keezer, complete with 4 kegs and 20lb CO2 tank, and a 5 keg, 5lb CO2 tank, and a travel tote to take a corny keg to a remote location for sharing. I have spent a lot of time brewing, sharing, and enjoying, and wish to continue to do so.

If you need some info on the build, it followed Kal's approach almost 100%.
The Build Guide

Please take a look at the photos located here:
Imgur Brewery and Bar Album

I am not currently interested in parting this out, with the exception that I will sell the brewery as a whole, and once the brewery is sold, I will sell the bar, but I will not sell the bar first. Ideally I would sell the entire setup at the same time. I can help deliver if necessary (relatively local, for fee), and I can also give a live demonstration of all aspects of the system. Everything is plugged in and working, so if you want a training session, I can do that as well. The only thing you need to have is a 30 Amp 240v outlet to plug the control panel into (and water and ingredients).

Here is a summary of the components (not counting all the misc accessories) so you can get an idea for everything that is there. Also, if you are curious, I work in construction, and a few guys I work with own a panel shop. They did the actual wiring of the control panel, so it is a lot more secure and professional. I paid them in sushi and pizza.

There is obviously a lot of money and time into this system, with well over 200 brews. System works like a champ, and any issues were easily traced back to operator error. I have enjoyed brewing immensely over the past ten years, and want to pass this on to someone else.

If you have any questions, or wish to see more photos, please let me know.

Main Brewery
QuantityComponentRetail costTotalAssemblyAsking
3Blichmann G1 (20) Gal Kettle$415$1,245
1Electric Brewery Herms Coil$190$190
2Hop Spider$80$160
1stainless Table$130$130
2Pumps (March/Chugger)$165$330
2Extension Cords/Assemblies$50$100
1Duda Plate Chiller$135$135
1Electric Brewery Control Panel$2,300$2,300
130A Power Cord$75$75
25500w ULWD Ripple Element$190$380
3Temperature Probes$73$219
1Misc Valves, hoses, clamps, Silicone Transfers, Quick Disconnects, etc...$350$350
Bar& Misc
14 Tap Keezer Build$1,000$1,000
120 lb CO2 Tank$60$60
1Dual Pressure Regulator and hoses$100$100
15 lb CO Tank$35$35
1Single Pressure CO2 Regulator$40$40
1Carry Tote for Taking Corny Keg to a Party$12$12
7Big Mouth Bubbler, plastic, with seals$42$294
1Racking Canes, Chemicals, Misc Accessories$65$65
1Refractionating Copper Column Still using Blichmann Lid$250$250
I’d be interested in the bar system after you’ve sold the brewery system. Also I’m in Fort Mill, SC - if that is too far no problem (be willing to pay more for delivery).
I’d be interested in the bar system after you’ve sold the brewery system. Also I’m in Fort Mill, SC - if that is too far no problem (be willing to pay more for delivery).
No problem. I have to sell the brewery first, so keep following. Hopefully someone will show interest.

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