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  1. MBuckBrewer

    Have Apples Make Cider!

    Hello from Toledo, Ohio where the apples from my tree are reaching the end of their peak. I have picked them all and stored them in my fridge and been working to make batches each weekend. My tree is not sprayed and has a worm in each apple. I have to quarter and core each one before processing...
  2. S

    First time

    Started my first ever brew today. The plan is to have a light carbonated, slightly sweet apple cider ready for Christmas. Here’s what I’m using… 1 Gal of fresh pressed 100% apple juice (pasteurised) 1 Cup sugar 1 packet Lalvin 1118 yeast 1 Tsp yeast nutrient 1/2 Tsp pectic enzyme Im going to...
  3. C

    First Timer, what now?

    So the apple trees in my yard had a bumper crop this year and as I tried to figure out what to do with them I had the great idea of making cider. The next idea was to go the full way into hard cider. I did two batches about a week apart. The first was smaller 3 separate 1 gallon jugs. I didn’t...
  4. GrumpyAndGrey

    Decoction/Maillard reaction in a Cider

    With the increase in crossovers of various types of brewing, I began thinking about making a cider using a common method in Pilsners and other styles. Especially older German beer recipes call for a decoction mash to be done, with one result being the production of melanoidins. These create a...
  5. M

    Cider not bubbling even after re-pitching yeast

    Well I’m stumped. I’ve brewed lots of cider and never had any issues but this time… I juiced (not pressed) 4 gallons of apple juice and strained through cheese cloth. It still had between 1 and 2 inches of pulp settle out at the bottom of each 1 galling jug in my fridge. I put two campden tabs...
  6. J

    Graff with Champagne Yeast & Ale Yeast

    Hey Cider Gurus, Here for another deep dive into my thought process and to get your feedback. So I am looking to improve upon a graff I made a couple months back that turned out excellent, but a little too sweet (lip smacking) and low ABV (4.5%) Essentially, what I think happened, the...
  7. MmmmCider

    Bland peach cider

    Tried my hands at a peach cider, used a jar of peach preserves and martinelli apple juice, had a couple leftover frozen/thawed peaches on hand that I threw in (literally like 3 or something insignificant). Tossed in EC-1118 and some fermaid o. Dried out to a 1.000. Backsweetened with a simple...
  8. MmmmCider

    Adding yeast after fermentation is done?

    So I’m new to cider brewing, basically brewing entirely. I’ve made one pomegranate mead/jet fuel and then tried a pineapple cider that turned out amazingly. Got hooked on cider making immediately and now I’m just focusing and playing with that. I currently have 3 batches going right now, a...
  9. J

    Using a Cider Base with Corn Syrup

    Hey cider gurus! About to brew a Graf and wanted this communities opinion on this product: All looks fine and brandy, but when I received the product, to my confusion, the first listed ingredient - making it top bill...
  10. kevcruse96

    Secondary fermentation for more than 6 months

    I started secondary fermentation for 2 gallons of cider (just transferred to two cleaned, sterilized gallon jugs) after around 3.5 weeks of primary fermentation. They have been sitting in secondary fermentation for around 7 months now… I like funkiness and had heard that aging for longer will...
  11. Sergiy

    Cider from fermented apple juice

    Hi, I accidentally bought fermented apple juice instead of apple juice. The seller said fresh apple juice was closed in a barrel and fermented organically. Gravity is still high - 1.055 and I saw ciders in store with fermented apple juice in components. Can I create cider from it? I tried to...
  12. E

    Possible contamination after racking

    Hi all, This is my first time brewing anything. I started off making a hard cider from my parents’ Apple tree. I bought a apple crusher/presser and got about 4 gallons of juice. I added this to my 5 gallon carboy plus 4 campden tablets, and let it sit 4 days. I added one more gallon of...
  13. SnyderCider

    Same Type of Cider and Yeast different results

    So confused as to why one is clear and one is dark. Is this normal?
  14. Z

    what is this film/ dots on my cider?

    I reracked my cider for the first time and after a month this Film just started to form on the top with some white spots in addition (the dark spots on the picture are from my broken camera). What should I do with this? Label it off and just bottle it as planned? Tasted some out the bottom...
  15. R

    First True Cider

    Hey guys! New here! I’ve been stalking the forum lately and was curious for some advice! i recently took a trip to Gatlinberg and had a chance to stop by the Tennessee Cider Company shop they have down town! we did a tasting and the cider was so good! Anyway, this has sparked me to want to try...
  16. CWoodard

    Potassium Sorbate argument re-visited

    This is about stuck fermentation in a cider; yes there are other threads about dealing with preservatives like potassium sorbate (k-sorb). Problem: Very slow / stuck fermentation Brew: 5 gallons of Nature's Nectar Apple Cider (with potassium sorbate, but the raw cider "requires...
  17. S

    Starting out Kegging: Small or Large keg?

    I've made a handful of batches of cider and I want to start force carbing them with a keg. I'm currently making multiple smaller 1-2 gallon batches so I can try different recipes quickly. I'm wondering whether its worth getting a full 5g keg now and purging the extra oxygen head so that I have a...
  18. K

    Cider Hasn't Begun Fermentation

    Hello, First post! I started my first apple cider about 48 hours ago now. I used apple juice that did not have any sorbates in it or anything like that. It did have ascorbic acid, but from what I've read that wouldn't hinder production. I read that within 24-36 hours you should be able to see...
  19. Onehappycloud

    Pasteuriser for cider bottles

    Hi hi, I have been expanding my micro cider production, still at home. I am happy not to use any additives and have been pasteurising the bottle in a 'granny's' fashion, submerging the bottles in a big pot. Now I would have > 400 bottles and am looking for a bigger solution, still a compact one...
  20. W

    Tricks for reading cider fermentation without hydrometer

    hey all! I am rather new to this. I just started making cider and it began fermenting about september 26. I do not have a hydrometer. I am wondering if anyone has any tricks to tell if the cider is done primary?