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  1. S

    When does Mead start bubbles and airlock bubble?

    wrong thread. admin please delete.
  2. jcwacky

    Crab apple cider stopped at 1.014? (Newbie)

    I recently decided to try and make some cider with crab apples from a tree in my garden. I've never attempted anything like this before! OG was 1.070 I've had 3 litres fermenting away (using "double snake cider yeast"), at approx 20ºC. After 35 days the SG was 1.015 I left it another 14 days...
  3. N

    Sweet bottle carbed Pasturisation plan.

    Sup everyone. I've been cruising the forums a bit, but it's come to the time I need to ask more specific questions. Feel free to pop in with any advice or experiences. I want to make a sweet, bottle carbed cider. I don't have the gear or funds for force carbing, and I hate the taste of...
  4. S

    Mead on apple base recipe question?

    Good morning guys. I bought 365 Whole foods brand apple juice, 2 gallons. I have 5 lbs of honey. So i guess it will be 2.5 lbs of honey/gallon? + apple juice. I will have hydrometer by then. I would like to make mead from that base. Any good mead/cyser recipe you can recommend for me? I also...
  5. N

    Champagne/Cider Remuage: Why not just place the bottle upside down (90 degrees)?

    I'm making hard sparkling apple cider using the Champagne method (re-fermenting on the bottle for carbonation). This year I will try the full method of also removing the yeast lees from the bottle afterwards, which I have previously just left there. Now I'm wondering why one would actually go...
  6. S

    Undissolved Sugar Solids at the bottom of the hard cider? Airlocks question? Newbie. Pic attached.

    Good afternoon friends. I started my first ever batch of hard apple cider. I have added 1 1/4 cup of white sugar per gallon of cider. I DID NOT DISSOLVE THE sugar in water first. It's settled at the bottom. Will the yeast still find it and eat it and dissolve on it's own to create more alcohol...
  7. G

    help! is this mold growing on my cider? (video)

    This is my first time trying to make a wild fermentation cider so I haven't added campden tablets and have not pitched commercial yeast. I milled and pressed the apples myself. It's day 4 of sitting in my carboy and I noticed these small white things floating at the surface of the cider. I am...
  8. pnwcider1234

    Infection in Secondary - Tried to Repitch

    I think I had an infection in secondary and I wanted to explain what I've done to try an fix it and see if anyone has any advice on what I should have done and what I should do from this point on. So first the backstory: I juiced about 5 gallons worth of cider must into my fermenter for...
  9. J

    Are these crabapples safe to use?

    Hey all, I plan to use some crabapples To mix in my cider this year. I’m unsure if some that I’m seeing are safe to use?
  10. F

    Am I going to poison myself??

    I back sweetened a batch of cider (60L) with organic apple juice (2.8L). I had a few sips of the juice before pouring it in and though, huh, tastes kind of funky but didn’t think much of it since I have had straight apple juice in years. Few hours later I was very very sick, I check the expiry...
  11. ericfromcowtown

    When life gives you crab apples...

    Here's a variation on a theme, which I'm sure someone has posted on before. We have a crab apple tree which produces radish-sized crab apples galore. I've heard the term "crab apples" used when talking about small and tart apples, but this tree produces fruit that looks just as much like a...
  12. Yuletide

    4 Gallon first time report -- wild & funky

    Hey folks, finally got my first batch of juice going and had a few questions I'll put below after the progress so far. Here's a thread to share progress as I go. Source: 4 Gallons, Unpasteurized "Hand-picked, Tree-Ripened" cider from a roadside stand in Philo, CA split into two batches Yeast: 3...
  13. U

    Storing apples before pressing

    Hi, i have understood that it is best to store the apples in a cold place for 2 weeks before pressing (ideally when the apples skin has become a little soft) But i am noticing that a lot of my apples are becoming bad in this process - so i was wondering your experiences - do you store them, how...
  14. Vintage NY

    Months in Primary - a is it wasted?

    Hey all.... it’s been quite a while and due to my basement becoming a hoarders dream, I haven’t been brewing for almost a year. My basement is my fermentation and conditioning area.... and it sux I’ve been so lazy to clean it out. Anyway, before my laziness, I brewed a gallon of cranberry apple...
  15. Yotebeth

    Forgotten Cider in Carboy, can I bottle?

    In...oh god...March, I started a batch of cider. Really simple, just apple juice and yeast. Then life happened, a covid scare, and, things got moved around, the carboy got hidden.... And I just found it today. It's been in the Carboy the whole time, and the airlock is still in, and sealed...
  16. J

    Does anyone know what type of apple this is?

    These are growing on a tree in my yard and I’m unsure what type they are/whether they are suitable For making cider. I thought they were crabapples but am unsure if they can get this big! They are about 3 inches across of it helps.
  17. J

    Newbie here- are my apples ready?

    Hey everyone! I have two crabapple trees in my yard and was wondering if they are ready to press. The seeds are brown but they aren’t all red yet? Are they ok to start or should I wait?
  18. CitizenNoob

    Fermentation won't start//too much Campden

    Hello fellow Brewers, I hope you all are well; Last Sunday ( August 23rd ) I pressed the apples from my garden and got from it 35 liters of juice ( 9,24602 american gallons ); I could not find campden in tablets only in powder, and I guess I have been over generous with it. 24 hours after...
  19. SchwiftyGlipGlop

    Yeastie boys - mead/melomel wlp775 English cider yeast

    Hi all! First time post, and research for my first mead. I have been using wlp English style cider yeast for brewing cider and plan on collecting and reusing the cider yeast potentially for a Mead/pyment. Has anyone here had any experience using 775 for a mead? After using it for a bit I’m...
  20. chunkychicken

    Fermenting cider under pressure, it's a win for me

    So, I recently bought a Fermentasaurus Snub Nose to start brewing cider and beer with. Having done barrel brews, carboy brews and shake brews (shake that bottle for me, shake that bottle for me, come on now!), changing to pressure was something different. I'm not going to pretend I know anything...