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  1. CWoodard

    Potassium Sorbate argument re-visited

    This is about stuck fermentation in a cider; yes there are other threads about dealing with preservatives like potassium sorbate (k-sorb). Problem: Very slow / stuck fermentation Brew: 5 gallons of Nature's Nectar Apple Cider (with potassium sorbate, but the raw cider "requires...
  2. S

    Starting out Kegging: Small or Large keg?

    I've made a handful of batches of cider and I want to start force carbing them with a keg. I'm currently making multiple smaller 1-2 gallon batches so I can try different recipes quickly. I'm wondering whether its worth getting a full 5g keg now and purging the extra oxygen head so that I have a...
  3. K

    Cider Hasn't Begun Fermentation

    Hello, First post! I started my first apple cider about 48 hours ago now. I used apple juice that did not have any sorbates in it or anything like that. It did have ascorbic acid, but from what I've read that wouldn't hinder production. I read that within 24-36 hours you should be able to see...
  4. Onehappycloud

    Pasteuriser for cider bottles

    Hi hi, I have been expanding my micro cider production, still at home. I am happy not to use any additives and have been pasteurising the bottle in a 'granny's' fashion, submerging the bottles in a big pot. Now I would have > 400 bottles and am looking for a bigger solution, still a compact one...
  5. W

    Tricks for reading cider fermentation without hydrometer

    hey all! I am rather new to this. I just started making cider and it began fermenting about september 26. I do not have a hydrometer. I am wondering if anyone has any tricks to tell if the cider is done primary?
  6. W

    Accidentally Shaked the Cider when adding yeast

    Hey all, this is my first time making cider. I accidentally ended up shaking the juice (cider) after adding the yeast on top. Is this bad? Will it just take extra time now? Not totally sure so I just want to make sure!
  7. D

    Added sugar opinions

    TL;DR From people who have made zero sugar, some sugar, and lots of sugar batches, I would love to hear your opinions on the 3 options. Hello. I am about to start my first my first brew. I'm looking to make a high abv bone dry cider (Edwort's Apfelwein) with zero residual sugar, but I'm...
  8. D

    Lowering acids in cider

    Hello. This is my first post after being a long time reader. I am about to embark on my first homebrew cider. It will be a bone dry apple cider made with champagne yeast. I have not yet decided if I will add corn sugar. After lots of research I believe that the acidifying agents (i.e. the...
  9. P

    Mold on ten day perry brew

    it smells like normal cider now, its bubbling but looks like small specks of white\green mold. What should i do?
  10. SnyderCider

    Green Mold on top of Cider

    Hey all, so I started a batch of hard cider and during the third day of fermentation I noticed little circles of green mold on top of the cider. Was wondering if there is a way of salvaging this batch or if it's a lost cause and best to just dump it.
  11. SnyderCider

    Problems with corny keg and kegerator

    Hey guys, so I recently kegged my hard cider and there are a few problems. First I noticed on the first day that when I added the CO2 the top of my corny bubbled and then eventually stopped after a few seconds. Is it supposed to do that? Second after a few days I tried to hook it up to the tap...
  12. SnyderCider

    Question about Adding Fruit after Stabilzation

    How long should fruit sit in a cider that has been stabilized?
  13. Mac95

    Third time's a charm?

    Hi from Glasgow, Scotland. This'll be my third year trying to make a decent batch of perry and cider from fruit that grows in my garden! 2020's was bland, 2021's spoiled, so I'm hoping that I can get advice here to make 2022's palatable. I'll also be giving strawberry wine another shot this...
  14. SnyderCider

    Using Sorbates and Sulfites

    So I'm trying to stabilize my cider and I've read that some people use just potassium sorbate and other use potassium metabisulfite added in. I called a local shop and he mentioned that the sulfites help keep away mold from the brew. Would like to know which is the better route for a stabilized...
  15. SnyderCider

    Back sweetening and Carbonation

    Hey guys so I just finished my second fermentation of my cider and I’m stuck on back sweetening. The cider is very dry and tart because I didn’t add anything but the yeast. I’ve been studying how to add sugar and then carbonate it with said sugar with the remaining yeast. I think I may have...
  16. J

    RAPT Pill - High Att: 400% and starting low gravity (.994) and increased gravity (1.006)

    I recently got an RAPT Pill and calibrated it, once in water and once in sugar water. Seemed to be working great. Started a cider (mangrove jack, apple) and had some odd readings going into it. It seems okay in the chart now but some odd readings with the Att being +400% and the odd gravity...
  17. frankiemuniz

    First ever cider, not sure what's next?

    Hi! I recently started my first ever batch of cider- I've never brewed anything before. I'm partway through the process but I'm not sure when to proceed to the next step! Here's where I'm at so far: June 4th: In a 2 gallon bucket, mixed 1 gallon apple juice with 1/16th tsp potassium...
  18. SnyderCider

    When and how to add spices

    I've read about people putting cinnamon sticks and other spices (Apple Pie Spice was written on one of my favorite local ciders) and I'm not sure when they actually add in that element. Is it at the start of the first fermentation or is it later on? I've been on this forum for about a week and...
  19. SnyderCider

    When to notice yeast

    So I started fermenting about 12 hours ago. And I know that it says 24-48 hours for the effects to happen but is it normal for the cider to look like nothings changed in that time? Just want to make sure I didn’t mess anything up in the process.
  20. SnyderCider

    Garage Brewing

    So I just started my first brew of hard cider with Motts (I know it's not ideal but it's what I can afford). My garage stays at about 68-75 degrees daily but living in NJ the weather can change that. The biggest thing I've noticed is the humidity and I've read that it can cause a spoiled cider...