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  1. N

    Does anyone use quince?

    I know I already have a long thread going but I wanted to ask specifically about using quince in cider making. I am fortunate enough to have several pounds of quince. So far I have been freezing it in slices and puree form for later use in things like jams, sauces, etc. But I was thinking of...
  2. R

    Cinnamon stick in the bottle...?

    This year the harvest from the orchard was the best in recent memory. Heck, I'm pretty sure it was the best year my family ever had. Especially the Cortlands. I had enough bushels, I could have made just under a hecto of xxx batch. But with the cold weather, I bet that batch would have frozen a...
  3. N

    First timer questions and anxieties

    Greetings! I was so pleased to find this forum. Whoever created this resource has my eternal gratitude. I got a wild hair after visiting some of the orchards in Hood River, Oregon. I had never seen cider apples before and thought they had an interesting taste. Originally I was going to make...
  4. S

    First brew, think i cucked it up already. Help and advice appreciated

    I'm sure i am not the first, and probably won't be the last, but I decided to invest in some brewing equipment this summer to stave off the $40+ bill of buying commercial beer or the $12+ pints at the local hole. Hopefully some generous soul will take pity on me and spare a quick glance at what...
  5. N

    noob help with priming, sweetening and flavor

    hello, guys, this is my first time here and I have a question? I have a 5 gallon batch of cider working and I used a red star premier blanc champagne yeast it's still bubbling and is coming to its end. I know it's going to be very dry and I'm not sure how to go about priming for carbonation with...
  6. A

    Is this cider salvageable? Spiderweb-like white growth on top...

    Hi all, I have a cider that I racked to secondary (with what I realize now is way too much headspace :S) about 2 weeks ago. About a week into the secondary, one carbuoy started to develop a white film on top that has since grown quite a bit. From some digging in these forums I think it might be...
  7. Dr_Hops

    Can anyone please verify is this is mold?

    ...and does the cider need to be tossed. -5 weeks in a primary (no secondary) -dry hopped 2 weeks ago for 5 days. -cider has sat in primary for 10 days since.
  8. theinterneti

    Rev. Nat's apple market (2nd year)

    I swung by Rev. Nat's apple market again this Saturday... Barely made it, 5 minutes left. Nat was kind enough to (personally) fill 2 5 gal. corny kegs for me. After asking if I was fermenting in the keg (no) he filled them to the TOP...
  9. Aróchito

    Brewing Cider in Plastic Sparklets 5Gal

    Hey folks, I am about to start brewing a new batch of cider and have aquired 6, 5 gallon plastic sparklets water jugs with the number 7 on the bottom. They have only carried water in them, were never reused, and kept out of the sun. Does anyone have any experience or know anything scientific...
  10. Scientific hippie

    How important is topping off?

    I got some great apple juice from New England from my local place last year; I believe I got six gallons and I fermented it first in a seven-gallon bucket and then in a six-gallon carboy. I used sweet cider yeast (my husband likes it sweet), and it came out great. I used the homebrew place's...
  11. B

    Mold in Wild Cider - help!

    Hi all, After a successful first go at cider-making using store-bought juice and Montrachet yeast, I decided to try a wild fermentation using apples picked from a local orchard. I washed, then juiced the apples and had a very active primary fermentation, and after 5 days, when it was still...
  12. U

    Starting a malolactic - with or without adding malocid?

    Hi, i want my cider to go through malolactic fermentation(?) But i was wondering if this is something that will happen by itself (if so, how?!) or do i have to add some kind of malolactic bacteria - like malocid = How...
  13. B

    Will this stuff float down?

    I have this gallon of cyser that’s been fermenting for two weeks. The bubbling out of the airlock has crawled to almost a standstill. How long will It be until this stuff sinks down, generally speaking? Or will it float to the bottom?
  14. Ritsuko Akagi

    What hops would you use for hoped cider?

    I have been making cider for a little bit now, but never anything with beer or hops. I was wanting to make a hoped cider and was wondering what hops other would use. I when to my local homebrew store an picked out Centennial , Lemondrop and Vic's Secret. Because those all sounded good at the...
  15. Ben E Lou

    Wild Yeast Cider Racking Questions

    I am new to homebrewing and have 3 half-gallon batches going. I have one half-gallon of cyser that I started yesterday. It already has about 3/8 inch of lees on the bottom rim (there's a bit of a slope, so I'm not sure it's that thick all the way across). I have an airlock on it and it doesn't...
  16. B

    Infection on Cyser?

    As the title suggests, I’m on day 4 of my first ever brew, so I decided to do a simple mead and cyser. So far the mead looks aces, but I’m worried by the cyser. I had to replace the airlock after two days, then resort to a blow off tube the day after due to extreme foaming issues. I’m worried it...
  17. L

    Mold in bottled cider

    This is our first attempt at making apple cider. All seemed to go well and we bottled the cider 12 days ago. Two of the bottles seem to have a white mold at the neck of the bottle. Do we need to throw it out? Is it harmful? Does anyone know if this was caused by some improper sterilization of...
  18. blasterooni

    Inspiration, move me brightly (oak chips & hops)

    This thread, and all that was discussed there ( has inspired me [brightly] to try a couple things. I felt the thread was getting hijacked from all the questions I was asking, so I figured I...
  19. P

    Newbie Hello - Trying to make a clear and colourless high abv cider

    Hey, new here, been reading alot. I'm going to get bashed for asking this but I'm trying to brew a high ABV - 15-16% cider then run it through a through some sort of filter to get to remove as much color, flavour and taste from it (yes u read that correct lol) Planning on using a champagne...
  20. S

    Yeast or infection?

    i have this cider I am brewing, it’s peaches I juiced from my trees, I also added pectin enzyme to clear it a little and it’s 1 gallon it’s been sitting for 1 week and I am seeing this. Still smells good I am wondering if I should be worried. Thanks in advance