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  1. CiderOnTheCheap

    Cheapest Way To Make Cider

    Hello all! I'm new to this whole homebrewing thing, and I'm also a starving college student in the midst of his undergrad program. As such, and as someone that highly enjoys the sport of drinking, one night my friend and I decided we should be able to make our own cider for less than $30.00...
  2. S

    Sour cider

    I'm thinking I would like to make a batch of sour cider - its feijoa season right now, and I dont mind the idea of throwing a few kilos into the fermenter and letting em stew for a while... Aiming to pull ~7 gallons So my thoughts were to put about 10kg (before freezing & scooping) of feijoa...
  3. N

    Soapy/perfume taste to my cider

    I have just made a batch of cider using 16 Golden Delicious Apples - chopped and peeled 12 tea bags 20g yeast 2kg brown sugar 20L water boiled with sugar and tea bags Left for 7 days with tea bags in I have tasted it today and it has a very soapy/perfume taste to it and was looking for advice...
  4. D

    Duplicating “Serious Scrump”

    Hello all! New to the forum, new to the home brew game. I have a baseline understanding of this basics of fermentation, but that’s about it. I have brewed a few beers and had success. I decided I wanted to try and duplicate a cider, which I know know will be far more difficult than my...
  5. davielovesgravy

    How to remove Blackberry seeds from my cider brew please??

    Howdy all, a quick question that I Hope someone can help me with. I am making aside a kit and had some blackberries in the freezer which I have blitzed and blended and added when syphoning into another FV for secondary fermentation today, however even though I blended and blended there are still...
  6. davielovesgravy

    How and when to add extra fruit flavours to cider kits please?

    Hi all, I’ve got a couple of Magnum Strawberry cider kits to make that I picked up cheap but all the reviews say that there is hardly any strawberry taste at all, The taste is mainly grape. So I want to add some extra fruit flavour to it but I have no idea whatsoever how to go about this other...
  7. davielovesgravy

    Is adding priming sugar for a fizzy cider the same as for lager

    Howdy all i am just making my first cider kit and the instructions that come with it describe adding the priming sugar by batch priming, however I usually just prime each bottle when making lager, so would adding the same amount that I add when brewing lager, approx one teaspoon of brewing...
  8. Aróchito

    Re-brewing a Weak Cider. Pointers??

    Hello folks, Not sure why, but after following the same recipe (with a different yeast with high abv potential and different brand of juice) I made a weaker cider than I would have liked. My guess is 2-3%abv (as I didn't take a gravity reading) when last time the same recipe ended up closer to...
  9. Jarret Coyle

    How Long Is Too Long?

    Hey guys, I've had a couple of moves in the last year and a half and in the midst of all that, I managed to forget completely about two ciders I had fermenting. I'm not really sure what anyone knows about this... Is it safe to drink this stuff? There obviously was no water left in the...
  10. theinterneti

    Reconstituting FCAJ

    I'm thinking of switching from bottled juice to concentrate. I did a bit of searching and the consensus seems to be that tap water is fine for reconstituting frozen apple juice concentrate. Is that correct? I've read very little about water conditioning for beer. Are there any...
  11. Aróchito

    Cider's been brewing. Too late to add sugar?

    My cider's been in primary for almost 3 weeks. About to put it in secondary, but I'd like to make it a little stronger. I originially put in some sugar along with the yeast nutrient and yeast. Is it too late to boost the abv with some extra sugar? Thanks in advance.
  12. C

    Cider ph way too low

    I've had a honey crisp cider in the secondary for 9 months. Initially it was fermented with cider yeast. When I racked into the secondary I added a mixture of wild berries (sterilized with vodka) and I pitched lactobacillus and Brett. I just tasted it. it's good but it's extremely tart. Test...
  13. N

    It's got no flavor

    I finally drew samples to test two ciders that had fermented out all the way. They are not the oldest batches but they are the clearest and with the least amount of lees. I had my friend and my mother try it in addition to myself and the consensus was.... no real flavor. It wasn't an issue...
  14. J

    Ageing in old whiskey barrel

    Hi everyone, I’m brewing with 2 fermentation buckets at about 25 litres each, and have bought a 120 litre whiskey barrel. I’m wondering if I can ferment them to 1.0 and from there add them to the barrel, then a week or two later ferment another 50 litres total and add that to the barrel, or...
  15. K

    Hydrometer Reading Confusion

    We have created a brew of cider. Our initial hydrometer readings goes as follows: 1.056 Gravity 7.5% ABV 13.8 Brix Our problem is we are getting two different readings off the the same internet calculator for ABV. Brix Calculator https://www.brewersfriend.com/brix-converter/ at 7.5% ABV...
  16. D

    What is low alcohol fermented carrot juice called?

    Hello All, For a while now I have been experimenting with some different Cider making techniques/yeasts/apple juices/etc. I had the idea that making a "Carrot Cider" would be an interesting thought. I currently have a very small half-gallon batch of carrot juice sweetened with a few ounces of...
  17. I

    Looking for Help Identifying a cider:Solved

    Hey all, today I was discussing cider with a friend of mine. I remember trying a cider in Denmark that I couldn’t quite remember the name of, if anyone can help identify this cider so I could try it again next time i’m there it would be greatly appreciated. The cider in question was in a clear...
  18. khumbu76

    Sorry, it's another 'Is my beer contaminated thread!'

    Hi everybody. I just ran into a pretty unique situation while kegging some hard cider today and after digging through the forum and some google searches, couldn't quite find an answer to this one. I noticed 2 small floating mold-like objects floating at the top of my hard cider. Each were...
  19. N

    Trader Joe's Pink Lady juice

    Public service announcement: I went to my local Trader Joe's today and saw that they now have Pink Lady apple juice/cider as well as the Honeycrisp. It wasn't there a week or so ago. It's in 64 ounce (half gallon) bottles. Just like the Honeycrisp it is not from concentrate and unfiltered...
  20. jeremybwilson

    Looking for the best all around cider brewing book for the old man

    As much as I want to rely on Amazon ratings, I'd rather get some feedback here and head for the local HBS. I live in Seattle, I don't need any more Amazon in my life as it is. ;)