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  1. M

    Comparing Homebrewing Software

    The pioneering American homebrewers of the 1970s were on their own in many respects. “If you wanted to learn to brew you had to find someone who knew what they were doing or read a book,” wrote Stanley Kaminski in his article for, The Complete History of Homebrew. The early...
  2. K

    We created a ridiculous spreadsheet for Wort Correction - Feel free to poke holes in it

    Hello all, My brewing friends and I created a spreadsheet originally intended to calculate ABV while accounting for a Wort Correction Factor based on Hydrometer and Refractometer readings. We've been using it successfully for a few brew sessions now, and I figured it might be a good idea to...
  3. beervoid

    Looking for the woodlandbrew yeast starter calculator spreadsheet

    Hello everyone, Does anyone happen to have this yeast calculator spreadsheet? It's not downloadable anymore from the website. Thank you
  4. snarf7

    Accuracy of efficiency calculators? Different kinds of efficiency?

    Brewer's friend has a handy little tool for calculating efficiency based on your fermentables, gravity reading and wort volume: They also have a hydrometer/temp calculator so you can your actual gravity even if the wort is still hot...
  5. beervoid

    My experience using Mash Made Easy

    I just finished my first mash using MME from member Silver_Is_Money I can say it hit my nrs spot on. Predicted PH was 5.42 and meassured PH after mashing was 5.41 My grainbill was for a NEIPA with approx 20% flaked adjuncts. It seems it takes the oats and wheat additions into the right...
  6. beervoid

    Calculating yeast starter viability.

    Hi everyone. I'm overbuilding my starters in order to keep some for a next brew. Now I could find multiple calculators online to calculate the viability of dated commercial packaged yeasts but none that give you the viability of a starter. I usually use my starter within a few days but what...
  7. Bubbles2

    need online calc for partial DME and Grain

    Is there a calculator online for putting in the partial grain bill coupled with DME to get an estimate on my OG at start? I have a bunch of different malts here to brew with, but was hoping to get an idea at the sugar I will get from em? Thanks for looking in Example: .5lb Special .5lb Non...
  8. D

    Simple Excel Calculator for small batches

    Here is a simple excel spread I use to calculate everything I need for my set up. I also use beersmith, but sometimes once I have a recipe made its easier to use this for the process. I do small 3G batches with only a single mashout. Normally i add the water to my cooler and slowly introduce the...
  9. EJay

    Texas Instruments TI 83/84-based brewing calculator

    I've implemented Sean Terrill's refractometer calculator ( in my programmable TI calculator. I can make this available to anyone else if they'd like it. I'll post screen shots soon. I'm going to add a few other calculations to the menu...
  10. ScrewyBrewer

    ezRecipe-RO - Brand New Web Based Recipe Designer

    Packed with advanced features not found anywhere else. Hop storage index calculations to predict the rate of alpha acid loss over time. Fully editable hop and grain ingredient lists. And a super intuitive user interface that allows you to design an entire recipe on a single page. Let ezRecipe-RO...
  11. THRobinson

    Can we attach files?

    Just curious if the forum allows the attachment of small files or not. I made a very simple program for determining the ABV using hyrdrometer readings. I'm not a programmer, so it's very simple and basic. I made it based on the ABV math found in my Coopers instructions. I'm new to brewing...