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  1. thisissami

    Ruh-roh... growth on my blackberries =/ Best steps to move forward?

    Hi All - looks like I've made a serious mistake by not stirring the blackberries after I closed the lid on the primary fermentor (I had a towel for the first 5-6 days and was stirring the blackberries 1-2 times a day in that period). It's been 2 days since I last stirred, and I just opened the...
  2. W

    Adding MLF bacteria for controlled secondary fermentation

    So there doesn't seem to be a ton of information on MLF when it comes to cider, but I've found a wealth of information on wine making sites and forums that urge a controlled Malo-lactic fermentation by pitching in known strains of bacteria that are on the market. I found an interview with one...
  3. O

    Does this look okay? No bacteria issue?

    Opened my stout in order to rack to secondary with bourbon/cacao nibs, and it has some of this white stuff on top. I'm generally not worried, but just want to make sure. Has an alcohol smell to it, more than a beer smell. Edit: took FG reading and it's at 5.25%ABV, so fermentation went well.
  4. RushN24

    Body Harvest Ale!?

    Brewers are constantly pushing the envelope with crazy new techniques but just when you think brewing technique can't get any more eccentric, someone proposes an idea so radical it practically blows your mind. I just finished reading the most recent issue of Zymurgy, and Charlie Papazian just...

    Hair-like bacteria in my opened bottle of wine

    We made a kit wine (Riesling Ice Wine) which turned out pretty decent for our first batch (a little too thick though). I do have a few questions concerning shelf life. We drank plenty from the carboy and bottled 12 bottles along with one that we didn't cork (on a Saturday). We took this...