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  1. chrispokey

    Time for another round of "Is this beer infected?"

    Hey folks, I'm brewing a Kolsch-style beer and added some orange zest and coriander to the secondary two days ago. simple question – is this appearance anything to be concerned of? And if so, is there something I can do about it now to mitigate any contamination or off flavors? I'll add a bunch...
  2. B

    Bacteria math

    Can someone help me out please, I’m trying to do some math. I know most yeast packets say “contains 100 billion yeast cells” but how much bacteria is in this. I can’t figure out what it says. I plan on doing a sour and wanted to compare the numbers to other options. I’m trying to do the math of...
  3. G

    Help with strawberry-apple wine pH/funky smell

    Howdy HBT, I was hoping someone could give me some guidance on what to do about this wine I was making. I used frozen strawberries, raisins and apple cider. I don't think the recipe really matters but I can post it if it would help. Basically, I made the must but had no acid on hand, so it went...
  4. G

    a film on the top of my wine, is it bad?

    I have some wine that has been in carboys since 2020, and the airlock ran a little dry (I was using vodka). Now there is a film on the top of the wine, see photos. Is my wine now undrinkable? did it go bad? I'd rather toss it than poison anyone, myself included. But I'd hate to lose the...
  5. Garrett_McT

    Poor Cleaning Plan for Stainless Steel Kettles

    Before people beat me over the head, I know I am an idiot. So I let my two 7 gal stainless steel kettles with double ports, two bazooka screens, and a hop spider sit half rinsed for a week covered with lids. Mostly due to laziness, then getting sick and postponing. I was wondering if anyone...
  6. gingergreenie

    Would I Notice Harmful Bacteria in Fermented Liquids by Taste, Smell

    Cheers, I've been trying out home brewing for a while and had some good result with bottle fermentation. To better control the fermentation process, I wanted to go bigger this time and let the fermentation process finish before bottling with some priming sugar. So I made a fresh ginger bug...
  7. M

    Maybe I'm not so sure now

    I don't remember from years ago when I did my other couple of batches but I don't think I've seen this sort of stuff on the top of the beer. I racked to a secondary after 13 days. I used a carb cap, stainless cane and one of those 'sterile' filters to blow in after rinsing with bourbon and...
  8. H

    Little white bits floating on my wine

    Hello, So I'm a total beginner, I made about a liter of kiwi wine in order to try out how it works. I transferred to secondary when I had too much Lee's and the fermentation was more or less done. It's been a few days, but I started noticing small white floating stuff and I was wondering if...
  9. Trey Ark

    White Spider Web-like wisps in Wine

    I froze my grapes and berries whenever I had extra left when I would routine grocery shop. Mashed them, pressed them, and put it into a 1-gallon carboy. I put in 1.5 Campden tablets in. Rather be a little over sterilized then vice versa with the potential of them harboring any of the crap nearby...
  10. N

    Help - Is this an infected batch?

    Hi Homebrewers - so I’ve finally dusted off the equipment I’ve had stored for years to try out my first 5 gallon batch. Took the easy route and picked up one of the Coopers IPA kits where you just need to add DME and pitch the yeast. Got to thinking that this was too easy so I harvested some...
  11. Johan Dingler

    "crystals" on top of fruit addition to secondary.

    Hello everyone! First post. Sorry if it doesn't belongs to this board. I'm brewing a raspberry weizen, and after a week from throwing the raspberries into the fermentor a kind of salty crystals started forming on top of the fruit. I know them turning white is normal, but had never heard about...
  12. W

    Overfermented Cider but with malolactic

    This year's Cider I decided I'd try and speed things along a little by adding some commercial wine makers malolactic bacteria to get my ph3.1 up a little. It's been at it a month with lots of small bubbles and it's pretty much depleted. the cider was at sg 1.020 campden'ed to kill of the yeast...
  13. C

    Microbiology Course for Brewers!!!

    Registration is open for Microbiology for Brewers at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. For more information visit our website or to register now click here!
  14. DrGarbonzo

    Infection pics!

    Hey, just posting some cool/ nasty photos of a recent infection in a witbier I brewed about 6 weeks ago. While I really wanted to just put it in the basement for 6 months and see, I tasted it on two separate occasions and it was pretty awful, and then the large amount of top layer growth...
  15. lorne17

    Exploding Ginger Beer Bottles without Yeast!? How did this happen?

    Hello all, I had an incident today of exploding Ginger Beer bottles. I brewed some Ginger Beer, which I have about 10-12 batches of this recipe before. I had it in a keg and carbonated it via the keg. I do not put any yeast in my Ginger Beer since it's a side and not a brew. Anyways, I...
  16. michio

    First attempt at Lager - White bubbles/foam - plus yeast on sides

    Hello just signed up but have brewed a few dozen times. Did an all grains brew the other day and made a Vienna lager. I brewed this passed Sunday and its now Wednesday. Monday I checked (have to drive to where the fridge is) in the fridge theres a white little foam or a collection of bubbles...
  17. Jel91

    Is this IPA infected? Photos included

    Hi, I'm new at the forum and also new to brewing. This was our second batch ever, and I'm not sure what's going on. We were planning to leave the beer in the fermenter for 10 days, but when the time came to bottle it the airlock was still bubbling, and we had to leave for a vacation. It was...
  18. K

    How long can I leave my beer in fermenter?

    I'm a newbie! I'm presently about to bottle my third Munton's Canada Range Blonde Beer kit (comes in a can) One of the kits was a Munton's Pilsner (dark pic attached) It says after 5 to 6 days I can bottle it. Is there a risk for infection leaving it in the fermenter longer? I've read some...
  19. Adam P

    Bottling Mixed-Culture/Dregs Brett Beer

    Hey all, first time caller here! I've been brewing all-grain for about six months now, and have just gotten into some yeast harvesting, stirring up starters, etc. I brought back a case of Hill Farmstead from VT last year, so I decided to try my hand at propagating up some of those dregs. I got...
  20. T

    White film on top of mint Mint

    I have a white film on the top of my mint wine. I have read it may be dead yeast but am unsure. I want to make sure it's not bad before I try it. It doesn't smell bad... Please help! Thank you!!