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    SG of carbonated beer?

    Point taken. My last house had wildly fluctuating temps in the basement, so I am pretty anal about controlling the temps. I am currently sampling one from the tap. It was still a bit flat after force carbonating, so I let it sit for a day at 25 psi. I am assuming that it also got a bit...
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    SG of carbonated beer?

    OK, so I was in a hurry. I made an Amber a few weeks ago, OG = 1.066. Fermentables were 12.5# 2-row, .5# 90L, .5# 120L. The mash was a full 60 minutes at 153 deg. Yeast was S04, and fermentation temp was 65. I did not take a final gravity reading after the primary or after the secondary. I...
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    Drilling the side of a Sanyo

    I have a Sanyo 4912 (I think...it is the one everyone else is converting.) that I have been using for a couple of years with taps out the front door. I ran out of CO2 last friday night and brought my 20# welding tank in for temporary service. Rather than using my 5# tank in the keggerator, I...
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    Propane: Cold weather brewing

    I do double 10 gallon batches off of a 20# tank. I end up swapping tanks a couple times because they freeze up. I like the hot water tank idea!
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    So I have these rhizomes coming...now what?

    John, Just curious, what was your yield the first year? What varieties are you growing?
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    just bottled my first ag today, quick question about aging

    I am not sure of the specifics of your recipe, but I am just starting to drink a beer that iis on the top end of the IPA scale and bottom end of the IIPA scale. It took about 5 weeks in a 70 degree heated freezer to carbonate and mellow out. This was after 2 weeks in the primary and 2 weeks in...
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    How is 70% efficiency for my 3rd AG brew?

    Ditto. LHBS crush = 70ish% efficiency...or worse. Do the math on the potential savings, and buy yourself a barley crusher regardless of the potential payback.:rockin:
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    I am not sure of his problem, but I bought a pound of Galena last year. It should be used in moderation. ;) I read that it should be mild and citusy, but IMHO it can get pretty wild if used in excess. You may be fine with the Centennial.
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    First All Grain brew day, gone wrong... And it was good!

    Don't worry...you made beer :) Glad your BoilerMaker worked well!
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    Brew Day Checklist

    I would enter your recipe into beersmith far sooner than that, like a week or two sooner, but that is just me. Why are your pouring into a bucket, then pouring into a glass primary? Can you either siphon into the glass primary, or ferment in the bucket? It seems like one more source of...
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    So I have these rhizomes coming...now what?

    Last night I ordered 12 rhizomes of 5 different varieties. I am now trying to figure out what to do with them. I think I have a plan...let me know what you think. I moved to Duluth, MN late last summer, so I have not yet settled into my yard. My plan thus far is to deer-fence in a 60' X 80'...
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    Can't Find A Cooler [Foiled By Winter Yet Again!]

    I was just in a similar situation, looking for MLT #4 (yes, my 4th one). I ended up buying a 62 qt X-treme at K-mart for 39.99. If I can find one in Northern Minnesota in February, you should be able to find one anywhere. I should add, this was after visiting Walmart, Target, and Sam's Club...
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    Brew Rig - two burners w/ one regulator?

    I have a 3 keggle set-op that I run off 1 20# tank. I run the regulator/hose to a header with 3 needle valves, one for each burner. When I am doing 2 10 gallon batches at the same time, I usually have to swap tanks during the boils because the amount of propane I am pulling freezes the tank...
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    CO2 woes...

    Last night, Friday night, I had just received my new Perlick to replace a cheap tap that has been mis-behaving. Had a beer that poured really slow. Cleaned my other tap, and....nothing. Ran out of CO2 on a Friday night. :( Both of the gas distributors that are within driving distance are...
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    Diagnosing poor efficiency?

    The things that have helped my efficiency are: 1. Crush 2. Stirring very well at dough in, then every 15 minutes. 3. Mash-out 4. Stirring very well during each batch sparge. I did lose 5% efficiency this year when I moved. I believe that the water is much different and has caused the...