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    White floater questions (and pics) for 8 month Belgian Dark Strong Ferment

    This. It's infected with something. You can bottle it, but there is a risk of overcarbonation and bottle bombs since the bugs will ferment more sugars than your yeast can. You can age it for a while more and see what you get (it could be good, it could be dreck) or dump it. It's up to you. As...
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    Why is my beer so carbonated?

    3 possibilities why your beer is over-carbonated: 1. Infection (which my also explain the funny taste). Wild yeast and bacteria can continue to ferment your beer beyond what beer yeast will. Add priming sugar onto this continuing fermentation, and you can get foamers. 2. You used too much...
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    suspended threads in wort

    Yeah, that's nothing to worry about.
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    suspended threads in wort

    Could be proteins dropping or yeast rafts, maybe. Pictures could help us identify it for you.
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    Beginner brew equipment

    A basic home-built starter kit: 10 gallon kettle Large grain bag (if doing brew in a bag) High-pressure propane burner (if your kitchen stove can't handle a full 5 gallon brew) Large spoon Large whisk Thermometer Hydrometer Pyrex measuring cup (2 cup) Kitchen scales HDPE Fermenter (6 gallon if...
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    Liquid yeast first timer

    I prefer to match, but that's just me. I don't go out of my way to match if I can't, though. As IslandLizard mentioned above, Light or Pilsen (sometimes you may even find Extra Light) work the best. I've used Amber with decent results, as well. My general "recipe" for yeast starters is 120g of...
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    Liquid yeast first timer

    I always make a starter with my liquid yeasts (I have never used Wyeast, only White Labs). The biggest advantage with using a starter is to let you know the yeast is healthy and viable - you never know how it was handled before you go hold of it. Starters are also useful if the yeast is close to...
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    Anyone brewed a grodziskie?

    I brewed one a while ago (I should do one again...), but lost the exact recipe when I moved. More or less, I remember using Saaz hops since I have trouble sourcing Lublin, as well. Generally, any noble hop should work in it I would think. As far as clarifying a Grodziskie, whirlfloc/irish moss...
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    What are you drinking now?

    2 different Hefes: Dunkelweizen: Normal Hefeweizen:
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    What I did for beer today

    Saturday: Bottled 9L of Oatmeal Stout and organized my brewing supplies Sunday: Brewed 24L of a kitchen sink beer: Maris Otter, Pilsner, Saaz & Jarylo hops.
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    Flat beer

    Are you cold-crashing your lagers & pilsners before trying to carb them? If so , you could be knocking a lot of yeast out of action, thus increasing the carbonation time. You could always add a bit of fresh yeast before you bottle. I leave mine in the (generally) warmest room in the house...
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    White head/bubbles on top of fermenting beer

    Yep. You may need to do a bit of trial-and-error to get the correct amount of ice bottles, but that's all there is to it.
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    White head/bubbles on top of fermenting beer

    All the above regarding cooling your beer is great advice. I have 6 1.5L water bottles that I rotate 3 at a time to keep my fermentation temps down (you might want to also consider brewing more in cooler months). Since you don't have a hydrometer, I'd wait at least another 1-2 weeks before...
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    White head/bubbles on top of fermenting beer

    It looks like carbon dioxide coming out of solution or a fermentation that's winding down. Nothing I would be concerned with at this point. Take all the usual precautions, though - use hyrdometer readings to determine if/when it's done fermenting and taste the samples. That will alert you to...
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    UK Trip

    My wife's got several plays lined up each night while we're in London, so I might check this out while she's there one evening. I dig a good bookstore, beer-related or not.