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  1. tarmenel

    Horny Tank

    Hi there, I came across this and from what I read I don't quite understand what a horny tank is. Is it just another name for a coolschip or something else altogether.
  2. tarmenel

    Mixed fermentation starters (saison, brett, lacto, pedio). Techniques, cell counts?

    I would create separate starters of each and then mix when you pitch. Take a note of the ratio's and then you can recreate this mix. After you have some mix you're happy with you can just continue to use the yeast cake with maybe having to pitchin a fresh saison pitch in the future. I don't...
  3. tarmenel

    Starting a solera project

    My understanding is that using one vessel is not really solera as you aren't really moving aged beer through the system. I like the idea of the three vessel approach. Looking forward to hearing about the results. I have gone back and forth on a barrel and probably will rather use a few 5 gallon...
  4. tarmenel

    Starting a solera project

    Looks spot on. I have started a similar process without the initial move. To get things up and running I brewed a batch in March and again in June. Each was 5 gallons. I will brew again sometime soon to have the third solera fermentor and then in March next year will do the first pull and...
  5. tarmenel

    Gelatine for clearing before kegging

    Thanks I'll take a look and report back
  6. tarmenel

    Gelatine for clearing before kegging

    I'd like to keg a dubbel that I've been largrring in the fridge after primary fermentation. I'd like to reuse the yeast cake but also want to try use gelatin to clear the beer as much as possible. 1. Should I transfer before adding gelatine 2. How long does the gelatine need to be in the beer...
  7. tarmenel

    Fermentation table for Styles

    Looking for a chart or list of fermentation times per style. Most recipes are great getting you to fermentation but the times and temperatures required for fermentation seems to be missing. Is there anything out there?
  8. tarmenel

    My wine-themed sour

    I've used raisins like you mentioned for a yeast nutrient but I removed them after the initial soaking. My main concern would be that they've floated to the top and could start to grow mold as they are in contact with the air. It might be better to put them in a weighted hop sock or something...
  9. tarmenel

    Jopenbier experiment

    This seems to be some sort of barley wine by the numbers
  10. tarmenel

    all brett; crazy fermentation activity

    Read in American Sours that the Belgians add Sacc at about the point you're at to get the beer down quicker and have a clear flavour
  11. tarmenel

    Still bubbling

    Bottled today. Reading was 1.010 which is spot on. Thanks for all the help.
  12. tarmenel

    Still bubbling

    It's been three weeks. This is the first time I've seen a fermentation go on like this.
  13. tarmenel

    Still bubbling

    I'm pretty crazy about sanitation. I clean, spray and wipe everything within a 100m radius with cleaner. So opening for readings is really not what I'd like to do. Also chucking beer taken out back in is just not a risk I'm willing to take. No matter how clean I am I can just imagine something...
  14. tarmenel

    Still bubbling

    Just found this: I use beersmith and also take SG of every beer. I'll give it a go and see how that works. I'll still work with the hydrometer but it hurts just throwing away the beer taking readings
  15. tarmenel

    Still bubbling

    Are there small hydrometers or am I stuck with wasting 250-300ml of beer each time I measure?